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About GreatArt

Why Choose GreatArt?

500,000 customers with Europe More then 50,000 art supplies
55,000 parcels sent every month 20,000 sqm Warehouse


The Gerstaecker family has been suppliying art marterials for over 50 years

Gerstaecker warehouse

The company's initial customers were therapy centres that used art in all its forms to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities. Today, artists from every walk of life benefit from the Gerstaecker specialist ability to source and supply the finest art materials currently available.

Gerstaecker Verlag GmbH is based in Eitorf, a small town to the east of Bonn. Here, in a pretty valley formed by the river Sieg, the company has an ultra-modern 215,000 sq ft distribution centre. At its heart is a state-of-the-art warehouse where 40,000 different products are stocked ready for dispatch to artists all over Europe.

Every year, the company sends out 55,000 parcels per month and serves 500,000 customers throughout Europe. Backed by up-to-the-minute processing systems linked to subsidiaries in France and the UK, the picking and packing process operates day and night.

Still very much a family business, Gerstaecker prides itself on the experience and expertise of its managers and staff whose specialist knowledge of the art supplies industry helps to ensure the efficient operation of Europe's most comprehensive and competitive one-stop shop for quality art materials.

Gerstaecker warehouse interior

Gerstaecker UK Limited - trading as GreatArt - is located at Alton, Hampshire in the heart of Jane Austen Country. Since its inception in 2002, GreatArt is now the UK's leading catalogue and webshop for quality art materials. Here we receive and process your orders. Our aim is to provide a reliable and friendly service and we welcome your views so that the contents of the GreatArt program can better reflect your particular needs.



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Think Green...


GreatArt is involved in a Green policy to encourage a sustainable development. Here are some concrete actions.

Think green boxesOptimisation of our logistics

Our logistics is equipped with a new computerised system which automatically calculates the optimum packaging for your order. This allows us to reduce cardboard consumption for our shipment by 20%, whilst still providing optimal protection for your materials in transit.
  Think green recyclable materialsUsing recyclable materials
All our packaging is 100% recyclable, from the outer cardboard boxes to the packing paper used to protect your fragile items. All 100% reusable, many of our customers claim to use our packing paper for drawing and sketching!

Think green easels

Supplying eco-friendly art materials
As a supplier we encourage systematic eco-friendly materials supplied by manufacturers, including the Mabef easels…

  Eco lablesDeveloping eco-friendly art materials
Also as a product developer with our own Gerstaecker and I Love Art brands, we favour eco-friendly credential. For example our Gerstaecker No. 5 Paper is made from 100% recycled materials, our eco-friendly brush cleaner has a biodegradable composition and the wood for our stretchers all comes from FSC approved forests.