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Gerstaecker Excellence Linen Stretched Canvases are made from 100% Belgian linen, 460gsm . The canvas is medium grain and is perfect for oil and acrylic artwork.
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From GreatArt's online magazine

Jo York tests our Basics watercolour canvas. 

“This time I’m taking a look at some new canvases, specially prepared for use with watercolours!” – Jo

The canvases are tight and durable which makes them ideal for most work in watercolours, gouache, and mixed media.

You can also use acrylic inks, fluid acrylic and standard acrylic, as part of a mixed media approach, but heavy acrylic layers would not be advised as the lightweight canvas and stretcher would not provide a suitable long term, stable base.

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Amylee reviews a traditional painting surface: wooden painting panel.

Our popular range of papers covers techniques from drawing and sketching, to watercolour and markers. Jo York put the papers to the test for the latest GreatArt Materials Blog post and you can read some of her findings here.

Wood and Hardboard Panels, offer a great solution to stretched canvas.To begin your adventure in painting and drawing on wooden panels, the differences you need to know are very simple.
Art board, wooden panel, painting board, hardboard…  Are you looking for painting panels?  Choosing between all wood and MDF painting panels is really easy when you know the differences.

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Jo York comparing and testing our full ranges of stretched canvases!

To asked our GreatArt Blogger Jo York to put our bestselling canvas ranges to the test. Here is an insight into her findings, with the full feature available on The Great Art Materials Blog

“This month I’m looking at a range of pre-stretched canvases…useful actually as canvas choice is something I get asked about all the time." In Art terms, ‘canvas’ is a broad catch all term that covers all stretched fabrics which are used as supports for painting or other artwork…

Read the full article on our online magazine

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We offer a comprehensive range of pre-stretched canvas frames in cotton, linen and mixed fibre materials, with over 1000 choices available in a wide selection of sizes and formats. Stretched canvases are an ideal surface for a range of traditional painting techniques including oil, acrylic and tempera, and can also be used with contemporary methods such as spray paints, and mixed media. We also offer alternative surfaces such as wood or aluminium painting panels, and provide a full range of products for stretching and preparing your own canvases. Our easel category includes a choice of A and H frame easels which will be ideally suited for your studio, a selection of portable travel easels which allow you the freedom to work outside, and also easels that are designed to be used seated at a table.

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