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Gerstaecker Acrylic Spray Varnish

Gerstaecker acrylic spray varnish, quick-drying, non-yellowing and age-resistant. Gerstaecker acrylic spray varnish provides acrylic, oil and tempera artwork with a protective layer, and can be used in virtually any clean surface. More
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Model / Content / Format
400ml gloss
Gloss level
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£ 8.41   £ 5.09
1 l: £ 12.73

Model / Content / Format
400ml satin
Gloss level
Code 21017
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£ 8.19   £ 5.09
1 l: £ 12.73

Model / Content / Format
400ml matt
Gloss level
Code 21016
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£ 10.93   £ 5.09
1 l: £ 12.73

Gerstaecker Acrylic Spray Varnish is a universal varnish that forms a colourless, elastic protective film on acrylic, oil and tempera paintings.

Gerstaecker Acrylic Spray Varnish is quick-drying, non-yellowing and age-resistant. It is soluble with petrol or turpentine. Gerstaecker Acrylic Spray Varnish is available in satin, matt and gloss finishes in a 400ml aerosol can.

Spray in a criss-cross pattern from a distance of 30-45cm and, once dry, repeat as many times as necessary until you achieve the desired effect. Only use in well-ventilated areas.

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I use the semi gloss regularly and it's fine on acrylic paintings
Gloss.. - I bought the Gloss Varnish due to the price, I usually use Winsor and Newton brand. This product doesn't mention on the tin that it can be used on anything but Acrylic but on the description on this website it states other mediums so I was worried using it on Oil Paints. I searched for the Data files from Gerstaecker to check but the file wasn't there 404, however I tried it put 3 light coats on and its more like a satin finish compared too the Winsor and Newton brand. It also takes longer too dry 10 mins the smell isn't as strong but I wouldn't recommend it Ill think ill stick to my usually brand.

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