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Molotow Aqua Color Brush Markers have a flexibl, yet stable tip which produces dynamic lines and are suitable for lettering, graffiti style drawing and colouring.
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From GreatArt's online magazine

Brush lettering with Amylee.

Modern calligraphy is fantastic. It frees restictions, relaxes and pushes our imagination towards an expressive and completely artistic way of writing.

This technique is inspired by the basic movements of calligraphy, combining the ascending (upstrokes) and descending (downstrokes) lines, as well as varying the pressure on the tip. At first, it is not really easy to form letters by changing the pressure while writing.

For the sanguine pencil, the lead is made of clay, binding agents and wood. The cooking will determine the hardness of the lead, a light cooking will give the sanguine stick enough hardness to prevent it from breaking too easily when you apply it. The colour of the sanguine also varies from red ochre to deep red according to the amount of earth, iron oxide and chalk it contains, but also according to the cooking.

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Painting with inks and LanaVanguard.

We celebrate the many approaches to abstract art and we love sharing abstract painting ideas and tips. Have you tried ink colours on yupo paper? Amylee explains how it works!

With this technique (inspired by watercolour) you do not need to know how to draw, you just have to let yourself be carried away by colour and spontaneity. You will see it is addictive and very pleasing when the ink spreads on the paper, taking various forms. The drops give birth to flowers, bubbles, cells, minerals, and landscapes. The result is really dazzling!

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Marker Hacks you need to try...

Amylee's fun and creative tip for markers: learn now to customise broad tip paint makers to create a new way of drawing! It's really easy and fun!

I carve my pencils, so why wouldn't I carve my markers as well? This strange idea came to mind after having used a marker with a broad tip. I found the mark a little boring and I wanted to have more fun with it. I had a pen cap on my desk so I started using it to carve the tip and create a new one. Wow! Now when I draw it changes everything!

I can draw original or multiple lines in a simple gesture. A very useful tip for hand lettering or graffiti styles. Here is my step by step guide...

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