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Old Holland Classic Oil Colour

Old Holland Classic Oil Colours are a fine blend of pure pigments and cold pressed linseed oil that has been milled in windmills. The pure colours are characterized by an excellent opacity, lightfastness, intensity and resistance to ageing. More
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Titanium White 001
Titanium White
Zinc White 002
Zinc White
Mixed White no 2 005
Mixed White no 2
Old Holland Yellow Light 006
Old Holland Yellow Light
Old Holland Yellow Deep 008
Old Holland Yellow Deep
Old Holland Yellow Medium 007
Old Holland Yellow Medium
Brilliant Yellow Light 103
Brilliant Yellow Light
Brilliant Yellow 106
Brilliant Yellow
Brilliant Yellow-Reddish 109
Brilliant Yellow-Reddish
Naples Yellow Reddish Extra 112
Naples Yellow Reddish Extra
Flesh Tint 115
Flesh Tint
Indian Yellow-Green Extra 118
Indian Yellow-Green Extra
Cobalt Aureolin Yellow Lake 119
Cobalt Aureolin Yellow Lake
Nickel Titanium Yellow 121
Nickel Titanium Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Lemon 009
Cadmium Yellow Lemon
Scheveningen Yellow Lemon 010
Scheveningen Yellow Lemon
Cadmium Yellow Light 011
Cadmium Yellow Light
Scheveningen Yellow Light 012
Scheveningen Yellow Light
Scheveningen Yellow Medium 014
Scheveningen Yellow Medium
Cadmium Yellow Medium 013
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Scheveningen Yellow Deep 015
Scheveningen Yellow Deep
Scarlet Lake Extra 157
Scarlet Lake Extra
Cadmium Red Medium 154
Cadmium Red Medium
Cadmium Red Light 021
Cadmium Red Light
Old Holland Bright Red 151
Old Holland Bright Red
Vermilion Extra 148
Vermilion Extra
Scheveningen Red Scarlet 019
Scheveningen Red Scarlet
Cadmium Red Scarlet 020
Cadmium Red Scarlet
Coral Orange 145
Coral Orange
Cadmium Orange 017
Cadmium Orange
Scheveningen Orange 018
Scheveningen Orange
Cadmium Yellow Orange 142
Cadmium Yellow Orange
Cadmium Yellow Extra Deep 139
Cadmium Yellow Extra Deep
Golden Baroque Red 136
Golden Baroque Red
Old Holland Red Gold Lake 133
Old Holland Red Gold Lake
Indian Yellow Brown Lake Extra 130
Indian Yellow Brown Lake Extra
Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra 127
Indian Yellow-Orange Lake Extra
Gamboge Lake Extra 124
Gamboge Lake Extra
Cadmium Yellow Deep 016
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Cadmium Red Deep 023
Cadmium Red Deep
Scheveningen Purple Brown Series D 026
Scheveningen Purple Brown Series D
Cadmium Red Purple Series E 025
Cadmium Red Purple Series E
Carmine Lake Extra 160
Carmine Lake Extra
Alizarin Crimson Lake Extra 163
Alizarin Crimson Lake Extra
Madder (Crimson) Lake Deep Extra 028
Madder (Crimson) Lake Deep Extra
Burgundy Wine Red 166
Burgundy Wine Red
Scheveningen Red Deep 024
Scheveningen Red Deep
Madder Light Extra 027
Madder Light Extra
Scheveningen Red Light 022
Scheveningen Red Light
Scheveningen Yellow Medium 169
Scheveningen Yellow Medium
Rose Dore Madder Lake Antique Extra 172
Rose Dore Madder Lake Antique Extra
Brilliant Pink 175
Brilliant Pink
Ruby Lake 178
Ruby Lake
Scheveningen Rose Deep 029
Scheveningen Rose Deep
Old Holland Magenta 181
Old Holland Magenta
Royal Purple Lake 184
Royal Purple Lake
Ultramarine Red Pink 187
Ultramarine Red Pink
Blue Lake 229
Blue Lake
Scheveningen Blue Deep 226
Scheveningen Blue Deep
Old Holland Blue 223
Old Holland Blue
Parisian (Prussian) Blue Extra 034
Parisian (Prussian) Blue Extra
Old Delft Blue 220
Old Delft Blue
Old Holland Blue Deep 217
Old Holland Blue Deep
Paynes Grey 214
Paynes Grey
Neutral Tint 211
Neutral Tint
Old Holland Violet Grey 208
Old Holland Violet Grey
Old Holland Blue Violet 205
Old Holland Blue Violet
Dioxazine Mauve 202
Dioxazine Mauve
Ultramarine Violet 199
Ultramarine Violet
Cobalt Violet Dark 032
Cobalt Violet Dark
Manganese Violet-Blueness 196
Manganese Violet-Blueness
Old Holland Bright Violet 193
Old Holland Bright Violet
Cobalt Violet Light 031
Cobalt Violet Light
Manganese Violet-Reddish 190
Manganese Violet-Reddish
Scheveningen Violet 030
Scheveningen Violet
Indigo Extra 033
Indigo Extra
Scheveningen Blue 035
Scheveningen Blue
Caribbean Blue 232
Caribbean Blue
Cobalt Blue Turquoise 042
Cobalt Blue Turquoise
Cerulean Blue Deep 235
Cerulean Blue Deep
Cerulean Blue Light 039
Cerulean Blue Light
Cerulean Blue Light 238
Cerulean Blue Light
Manganese Blue Deep 241
Manganese Blue Deep
Manganese Blue 041
Manganese Blue
Ultramarine Blue Deep 244
Ultramarine Blue Deep
Ultramarine Blue 036
Ultramarine Blue
French Ultramarine Light Extra 037
French Ultramarine Light Extra
Cobalt Blue Deep 038
Cobalt Blue Deep
Old Holland Cyan Blue 247
Old Holland Cyan Blue
Cobalt Blue 250
Cobalt Blue
Kings Blue Deep 253
Kings Blue Deep
King's Blue Light 256
King's Blue Light
Scheveningen Blue Light 040
Scheveningen Blue Light
Old Holland Yellow-Green 283
Old Holland Yellow-Green
Cinnabar Green Light Extra 043
Cinnabar Green Light Extra
Cadmium Green Light 044
Cadmium Green Light
Cadmium Green Deep 045
Cadmium Green Deep
Old Holland Bright Green 280
Old Holland Bright Green
Permanent Green Light 277
Permanent Green Light
Emerald Green 274
Emerald Green
Permanent Green Deep 271
Permanent Green Deep
Scheveningen Green 048
Scheveningen Green
Scheveningen Green Deep 049
Scheveningen Green Deep
Cobalt Green 268
Cobalt Green
Viridian Green Deep 046
Viridian Green Deep
Viridian Green Deep 047
Viridian Green Deep
Cobalt Green Deep 267
Cobalt Green Deep
Cobalt Green Turquoise 266
Cobalt Green Turquoise
Turquoise Blue Deep 265
Turquoise Blue Deep
Cobalt Blue Turquoise Light 262
Cobalt Blue Turquoise Light
Old Holland Blue Grey 259
Old Holland Blue Grey
Old Holland Green Light 286
Old Holland Green Light
Permanent Green 289
Permanent Green
Sap Green Lake Extra 292
Sap Green Lake Extra
Old Holland Golden Green 295
Old Holland Golden Green
Old Holland Golden Green Deep 298
Old Holland Golden Green Deep
Chromium Oxide Green 050
Chromium Oxide Green
Cinnabar Green Deep Extra 051
Cinnabar Green Deep Extra
Hooker's Green Lake Deep Extra 301
Hooker's Green Lake Deep Extra
Hooker's Green Lake Light Extra 304
Hooker's Green Lake Light Extra
Olive Green Dark 307
Olive Green Dark
Green Earth 052
Green Earth
Green Umber 310
Green Umber
Naples Yellow Extra 313
Naples Yellow Extra
Naples Yellow Deep Extra 316
Naples Yellow Deep Extra
Mars Yellow 319
Mars Yellow
Yellow Ochre Light 053
Yellow Ochre Light
Yellow Ochre Deep 054
Yellow Ochre Deep
Gold Ochre 055
Gold Ochre
Persian Red 065
Persian Red
Venetian Red 064
Venetian Red
Flesh Ochre 343
Flesh Ochre
English Red 063
English Red
Red Ochre 062
Red Ochre
Burnt Sienna 061
Burnt Sienna
Old Holland Light Red 340
Old Holland Light Red
Yellow Ochre Burnt 060
Yellow Ochre Burnt
Yellow Ochre Half Burnt 059
Yellow Ochre Half Burnt
Mars Orange-Red 337
Mars Orange-Red
Transparent Oxide Red Lake 334
Transparent Oxide Red Lake
Italian Brown Pink Lake 331
Italian Brown Pink Lake
Transparent Oxide Yellow Lake 328
Transparent Oxide Yellow Lake
Old Holland Yellow-Brown 325
Old Holland Yellow-Brown
Brown Ochre Light 058
Brown Ochre Light
Raw Sienna Deep 057
Raw Sienna Deep
Raw Sienna Light 056
Raw Sienna Light
Italian Earth 322
Italian Earth
Caput Mortum Violet 066
Caput Mortum Violet
Mars Brown 346
Mars Brown
Red Umber 349
Red Umber
Brown Ochre Deep 067
Brown Ochre Deep
Warm Sepia Extra 071
Warm Sepia Extra
Deep Ochre 068
Deep Ochre
Burnt Umber 070
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber 069
Raw Umber
Old Holland Ochre 352
Old Holland Ochre
Sepia Extra 355
Sepia Extra
Van Dyck Brown Extra 072
Van Dyck Brown Extra
Davy's Grey 358
Davy's Grey
Old Holland Warm Grey Light 361
Old Holland Warm Grey Light
Scheveningen Warm Grey 073
Scheveningen Warm Grey
Old Holland Cold Grey 364
Old Holland Cold Grey
Vine Black 367
Vine Black
Ivory Black Extra 074
Ivory Black Extra
Scheveningen Intense Black 075
Scheveningen Intense Black
Mars Black 370
Mars Black
Key to symbols
GHS09 - Environmental hazard
GHS09 - Environmental hazard
H410: Very toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.
H411: Toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.

Old Holland Classic Oil Colours are a fine blend of pure pigments and cold pressed linseed oil that has been milled in windmills. The pure colours are characterized by an excellent opacity, lightfastness, intensity and resistance to ageing.

Old Holland Classic Oil Colours do not contain fillers such as chalk, barium sulphate, aluminium hydrate or wax. Many famous museums use these classic oil paints for the restoration of paintings and the old Dutch masters like Vermeer, Van Gogh and Mondrian also used Old Holland Classic Oil Colours.

Old Holland Classic Oil Colours boast the quality artists have come to expect from Old Holland, a company which has been producing artists' colours, using traditional methods, for nearly 350 years.

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Superb! - I like these very much. The consistency is quite thick & stiff. Extremely good quality, heavily pigmented making it rich in colour.
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