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Simplified navigation

A new, streamlined design and more clearly defined categorisation make our online catalogue even easier to browse!

customer account

Your customer account, a click away

Our new customer interface will let you change your password and address, add more delivery addresses, retrieve newsletter subscription information and wishlists and view your previous orders with the greatest of ease!

More content

More content

Our new website offers bigger images with an optimised zoom function, for a closer than ever look at our products! On each product page, that product's safety data sheet or relevant articles in our magazine are also just one click away!

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Better use of our print catalogue

Using your print catalogue has never been easier! You can now insert the references for all the products you wish to purchase at the start of your basket (separated by a comma), and add them all to your basket with a single click! You can also check which page the products you are viewing online are on in our print catalogue, for faster and more efficient browsing.

Simpified search

Simplified search

Our new search engine will allow you to easily filter search results by price, brand, colour, etc. We will also suggest relevant keywords and categories for each search. When you insert a product code, you will be directed towards its product page, but will also be able to retrieve product information documents, or relevant articles from the GreatArt magazine.

personalised news letter

Personalised Newsletters

Special interest newsletters focusing on your favourite technique, product recommendations, and easier access to other artists' preferred offers and products are all part of our new personalised approach!

secure shopping

Even more secure shopping

Protecting your information is one of our priorities. As such, your payment will continue to be 100% secure, while the green navigation bar will make sure all your data is encrypted, for safe, stress-free browsing and shopping.

traceable orders

Easily traceable orders

Once your order has been confirmed, you can easily keep track of it through your online customer account! Or by contacting us at welcome(at) or 08433 571 572.

Personalised News Letters

Your most recently viewed articles, one click away

Retrieve your browsing history in a single click, and access previously viewed items easily!
on your mobile, table or phone

Over 50,000 products in the palm of your hand

Your new website offers optimised navigation, compatible with most smartphones and tablets on the market.


Online Magazine

Our online magazine is full of interesting articles, features and news to excite, inspire and keep you up to date with the latest information from the world of art including products, events and art clubs to help you make informed decisions.

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Join our social networks and share with others

Get involved with our online community of artists on your favourite social networks, and find out about exclusive competitions, offers and share them with your friends.