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Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are a new generation of fine art marker with unique and unrivalled depth of colour and luminosity. They meet the very highest artistic standards. More
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Lemon  Yellow Light 001
Lemon Yellow Light
Lemon Yellow 346
Lemon Yellow
Winsor Yellow 730
Winsor Yellow
Brilliant Yellow Light 002
Brilliant Yellow Light
Brilliant Yellow 055
Brilliant Yellow
Yellow Orange Light 008
Yellow Orange Light
Winsor Yellow Deep 731
Winsor Yellow Deep
Yellow Orange 007
Yellow Orange
Winsor Orange 724
Winsor Orange
Coral 017
Winsor Orange (red shade) 723
Winsor Orange (red shade)
Vermilion Hue 682
Vermilion Hue
Scarlet 601
Winsor Red 726
Winsor Red
Winsor Red Deep 725
Winsor Red Deep
Carmine 127
Light Rose 022
Light Rose
Magenta (red shade) 023
Magenta (red shade)
Pink 021
Quinacridone Magenta 545
Quinacridone Magenta
Quinacridone Magenta Light 024
Quinacridone Magenta Light
Magenta Light (blue shade) 027
Magenta Light (blue shade)
Mauve 398
Magenta (blue shade) 026
Magenta (blue shade)
Violet Deep 029
Violet Deep
Violet 542
Violet Light 360
Violet Light
Lavender 031
Dioxazine Violet Light 035
Dioxazine Violet Light
Dioxazine Violet 733
Dioxazine Violet
Dioxazine Violet Deep 033
Dioxazine Violet Deep
Blue Violet Deep 038
Blue Violet Deep
Indigo 322
Royal Blue Light 047
Royal Blue Light
Phthalo Blue 516
Phthalo Blue
Phthalo Blue Light 053
Phthalo Blue Light
Phthalo Blue Green Light 067
Phthalo Blue Green Light
Viridian Hue 696
Viridian Hue
Dark Green 083
Dark Green
Emerald 235
Winsor Green (yellow shade) 721
Winsor Green (yellow shade)
Olive Green 447
Olive Green
Olive Green Light 085
Olive Green Light
Sap Green 599
Sap Green
Apple Green 011
Apple Green
Bright Green 069
Bright Green
Lime Green 071
Lime Green
Yellow Green 073
Yellow Green
Gold Green 294
Gold Green
Clay 126
Sepia 609
Van Dyck Brown 676
Van Dyck Brown
Burnt Umber 076
Burnt Umber
Medium Brown 165
Medium Brown
Burnt Umber Light 110
Burnt Umber Light
Golden Yellow 088
Golden Yellow
Yellow Gold Light 091
Yellow Gold Light
Parchment 121
Linen 122
Portrait Rose 117
Portrait Rose
Henna Red Light 096
Henna Red Light
Potters Pink 537
Potters Pink
Indian Red 317
Indian Red
Henna 105
Light Sienna 018
Light Sienna
Warm Grey 1 134
Warm Grey 1
Warm Grey 2 133
Warm Grey 2
Warm Grey 3 132
Warm Grey 3
Warm Grey 4 131
Warm Grey 4
Warm Grey 5 129
Warm Grey 5
Warm Grey 6 128
Warm Grey 6
Grey Toner 146
Grey Toner
Grey Toner 2 144
Grey Toner 2
Grey Toner 3 143
Grey Toner 3
Grey Toner 4 141
Grey Toner 4
Grey Toner 5 136
Grey Toner 5
Grey Toner 6 135
Grey Toner 6
Neutral Grey 1 155
Neutral Grey 1
Neutral Grey 4 152
Neutral Grey 4
Neutral Grey 5 151
Neutral Grey 5
Neutral Grey 6 148
Neutral Grey 6
Cold Grey 4 158
Cold Grey 4
Cold Grey 5 157
Cold Grey 5
Cold Grey 6 156
Cold Grey 6
Black 030
White Blender 163
White Blender
Colourless Blender 164
Colourless Blender

Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are a new generation of fine art marker with unique and unrivalled depth of colour and luminosity. They meet the very highest artistic standards.

These Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers are sleek and ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold. They are double-ended, giving you a fine tip for details and a chisel tip for flat painting. They are made with lightfast pigments that resist fading for up to 100 years. The specially developed ink allows you to mix and blend colours as easily as if they were paint, allowing for subtle shades and colour gradients.

The Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker range includes over 100 colours, plus a colourless blender and a white blender. The colourless blender gives you soft edges and blends, and the white blender is the first of its kind! It contains a titanium dioxide pigment that places a limitless palette of tones and hues at your fingertips. This remarkable new pen lets you build, blend and soften colours like never before, and mix tones fluidly and intuitively, creating myriad colours and subtle effects even on black paper.

Price per marker.

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