Our hobby section covers a wide range of creative applications and craft techniques for both adults and children.
The Cléopâtre Mini Glue Gun provides low-temperature bonding for crafting and creative hobbies. It can bond polystyrene, wood, card, metal, glass, ceramics, leather etc.
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Craft labels: sharing little details.

Looking for the perfect craft label? Stop your search here. Amylee offers us 3 great ideas for creating your own labels! Lets get started!

Attention to small details always gives the greatest pleasure! I have seen this many times with my art buyers or collectors. I always take care with my paintings or packages that I send, using a neat communication represents me.In branding, pricing, inventory, identification, gifting and special events, I use craft labels more and more. It’s the perfect tool for informative messages and for expressing your creativity as well.If the subject interests you, here is a nifty little article offering you 3 ideas to personalise your custom paper labels with love.

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How to make your own wrapping paper? 

Check out this simple way to make your own arty wrapping paper at home. An idea that will make your artworks look even more awesome than they already are!

Need to ship an artwork in pretty paper, to offer a celebratory gift or simply have the desire to make beautiful original packaging? 

Look no further, I have the wrapping paper you need. And it’s awesome because there is no need to open your wallet too wide. This tip is also a perfect idea for recycling.

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20 amazing ways to used binder clips.

Binder clips are really handy in many areas around your studio or your office. Amylee has listed some nice ideas for us.

Small or large, black or multicoloured, a binder clip has infinite uses. You just need some imagination, and then this small thing, although discreet in appearance, can bring many surprises to all your creative activities…

If we look carefully, this object is pretty ingenious. We appreciate its pure and functional design, its high-strength steel spring, its removable rounded handles and its long-life use. Everything is well thought out: to open, we press on the handles and to close, we release them. Really easy to use!

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Our hobby section covers a wide range of creative applications and craft techniques for both adults and children. You'll find products here that you may want to add to your practised fine art technique, or something to help you broaden your creative horizons and start a new hobby! We offer materials for decorative techniques such as decopatch, glass painting, collage, weaving , felting and textile painting, jewellry making, and face painting. We also offer fundamental products with a decorative twist such as creative papers, paints and dyes.

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