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Discover a range of raw materials, tools and finishing products to help you create three dimensional art and sculpture, including clay, wood, metal and soapstone.
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Cléopâtre Glass Gel Resin is a new odourless epoxy resin that contains additives that prevent bubbles forming. It is ideal for making jewellery, key fobs etc.and provides a lacquered appearance similar to varnish.
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Sculpture block.

This is an excellent material that all artists and sculptors should try. Very simple to use it allows you to create shapes and sculptures quicker than with any other modelling or sculpting material!Sculpture Block was created by a Dutch artist with the aim to make a sculpting material which would appeal to all artists, particularly those who find it difficult to obtain wood or stone due to cost, or physical constraints.

With this material anyone can create beautiful shapes easily at an economical price! The product is perfect for all ages and ideal for beginners to sculpture.

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Starting with soapstone. 

Soapstone is already a popular choice among sculptor due to its easily workable softness, and beautiful appearance. The stones themselves are found in Brazil, India, China, Canada and even Australia and the first traces date back over a thousand years.

It is a good alternative to marble, sandstone or granite, as it is 10 to 20 times cheaper. Its ability to be shaped by filing also means that anyone can give it a try, and there is less waste and potential for ruining your work when working with a hammer and chisel.

Forming a shape in soapstone.

One of the most crucial decisions when starting your piece is selecting your stone, and it is important to make your selection based on the piece you want to create.

Be sure to observe the stone from every angle to comprehend its volume. There are two options when choosing a size and shape, Either your project is well established in terms of dimensions and you choose a bigger block that you will rough-hew to find your chosen shape, or you observe the rough natural shape of the stone and imagine what creation could come out of it. The latter is probably more interesting from an artistic point of view.

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Up to -33%
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If you prefer your art to exist off the page, then you're in the right place! Here you can explore a range of raw materials to help you create three dimensional art and sculpture, including clay, wood, metal and soapstone. We offer a wide selection of sculpture tools to help you shape these raw materials into works of art, and the varnishes, colours and glazes to help you create beautiful finishes and protect your work over time. If you're interested in exploring the world of casting and reproductions, our 3D & Sculpture section also has a full range of moulding materials, plaster and silicone, as well as glossy and colourful resins for experimental art or adding a high shine to your work.

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