Copic Ink Refills

Copic Ink Refills can refill Copic markers up to 8 times, making this the most affordable brand amongst the professional and high-quality layout markers. More
Greyish Violert BV25 303
Greyish Violert BV25
Pale Lemon Y000 250
Pale Lemon Y000
Barium Yellow Y00 001
Barium Yellow Y00
Canary Yellow Y02 003
Canary Yellow Y02
Acacia Y04 251
Acacia Y04
Yellow Y06 005
Yellow Y06
Acid Yellow Y08 006
Acid Yellow Y08
Pale Yellow Y11 002
Pale Yellow Y11
Lemon Yellow Y13 004
Lemon Yellow Y13
Cadmium Yellow Y15 007
Cadmium Yellow Y15
Golden Yellow Y17 009
Golden Yellow Y17
Lightning Yellow Y18 254
Lightning Yellow Y18
Napoli Yellow Y19 008
Napoli Yellow Y19
Buttercup Yellow Y21 012
Buttercup Yellow Y21
Beige Yellow Hue Y23 011
Beige Yellow Hue Y23
Mustard Y26 013
Mustard Y26
Lionet Gold Y28 269
Lionet Gold Y28
Cashmere Y32 258
Cashmere Y32
Maize Y35 259
Maize Y35
Honey Y38 010
Honey Y38
Silk YR000 264
Silk YR000
Powder Pink YR00 024
Powder Pink YR00
Peach Puff YR01 268
Peach Puff YR01
Light Orange YR02 018
Light Orange YR02
Chrome Orange YR04 019
Chrome Orange YR04
Cadmium Orange YR07 021
Cadmium Orange YR07
Chinese Orange YR09 023
Chinese Orange YR09
Loquat YR12 270
Loquat YR12
Caramel YR14 017
Caramel YR14
Cadmium Yellow YR15 271
Cadmium Yellow YR15
Apricot YR16 020
Apricot YR16
Sanguine YR18 022
Sanguine YR18
Yellow Hue YR20 276
Yellow Hue YR20
Cream YR21 014
Cream YR21
Yellow Ochre YR23 015
Yellow Ochre YR23
Pale Sepia YR24 016
Pale Sepia YR24
Light Red Yellow Hue YR31 277
Light Red Yellow Hue YR31
Yellow Skin Pink Hue YR61 278
Yellow Skin Pink Hue YR61
Atoll YR65 274
Atoll YR65
Orange YR68 279
Orange YR68
Mellow Peach YR82 275
Mellow Peach YR82
Cherry White R000 280
Cherry White R000
Pink White Hue R00 025
Pink White Hue R00
Vanilla Pink Hue R01 281
Vanilla Pink Hue R01
Flesh R02 028
Flesh R02
Salmon Red R05 030
Salmon Red R05
Vermilion R08 032
Vermilion R08
Pale Cherry Pink R11 026
Pale Cherry Pink R11
Tea Rose R12 282
Tea Rose R12
Light Rose R14 283
Light Rose R14
Lipstick Orange R17 033
Lipstick Orange R17
Blush R20 027
Blush R20
Sardonyx R21 284
Sardonyx R21
Light Prawn R22 255
Light Prawn R22
Prawn R24 031
Prawn R24
Cadmium Red R27 034
Cadmium Red R27
Lipstick Red R29 035
Lipstick Red R29
Pale Yellow Pink Hue R30 285
Pale Yellow Pink Hue R30
Peach R32 029
Peach R32
Coral R35 037
Coral R35
Carmine R37 036
Carmine R37
Garnet R39 038
Garnet R39
Bougainvillaea R43 286
Bougainvillaea R43
Strong Red R46 256
Strong Red R46
Cardinal R59 039
Cardinal R59
Rose Pink R81 287
Rose Pink R81
Rose Mint R83 288
Rose Mint R83
Rose Red R85 257
Rose Red R85
Dark Red R89 289
Dark Red R89
Pale Purple RV000 260
Pale Purple RV000
Water Lily RV00 290
Water Lily RV00
Sugared Almond Pink RV02 042
Sugared Almond Pink RV02
Shock Pink RV04 050
Shock Pink RV04
Cerise RV06 051
Cerise RV06
Fuchsia RV09 052
Fuchsia RV09
Pale Pink RV10 041
Pale Pink RV10
Pink RV11 045
Pink RV11
Tender Pink RV13 046
Tender Pink RV13
Begonia Pink RV14 048
Begonia Pink RV14
Deep Magenta RV17 053
Deep Magenta RV17
Red Violet RV19 054
Red Violet RV19
Pale Pink RV21 043
Pale Pink RV21
Pure Pink RV23 261
Pure Pink RV23
Dog Rose Flower RV25 049
Dog Rose Flower RV25
Crimson RV29 040
Crimson RV29
Shadow PinkRV32 044
Shadow PinkRV32
Dark Pink RV34 047
Dark Pink RV34
Shadow Pink RV42 262
Shadow Pink RV42
Peony RV69 291
Peony RV69
Greyish Cherry RV91 292
Greyish Cherry RV91
Smoky Purple RV93 293
Smoky Purple RV93
Baby Blossom RV95 263
Baby Blossom RV95
Argyle Purple RV99 294
Argyle Purple RV99
Pale Heath V000 265
Pale Heath V000
Heath V01 295
Heath V01
Lilac V04 057
Lilac V04
Azalea V05 296
Azalea V05
Lavender V06 058
Lavender V06
Violet V09 060
Violet V09
Pale Lilac V12 055
Pale Lilac V12
Mallow V15 056
Mallow V15
Amethyst V17 059
Amethyst V17
Pale Grey V91 266
Pale Grey V91
Early Grape V93 297
Early Grape V93
Light Grape V95 267
Light Grape V95
Aubergine V99 298
Aubergine V99
Iridescent Mauve BV000 299
Iridescent Mauve BV000
Mauve Shadow BV00 064
Mauve Shadow BV00
Viola BV01 300
Viola BV01
Prune BV02 214
Prune BV02
Blueberry BV04 062
Blueberry BV04
Blue Violet BV08 061
Blue Violet BV08
Soft Violet BV11 301
Soft Violet BV11
Hydrangea Blue BV13 225
Hydrangea Blue BV13
Deep Red Blue Hue BV17 226
Deep Red Blue Hue BV17
Dull Lavender BV20 302
Dull Lavender BV20
Lavender Grey Hue BV23 065
Lavender Grey Hue BV23
Slate BV29 227
Slate BV29
Pale Lavender BV31 063
Pale Lavender BV31
Pale Aqua B000 304
Pale Aqua B000
Frost Blue B00 068
Frost Blue B00
Mint Blue B01 069
Mint Blue B01
Robin's Egg Blue B02 071
Robin's Egg Blue B02
Tahitian Blue B04 077
Tahitian Blue B04
Process Blue B05 078
Process Blue B05
Peacock Blue B06 081
Peacock Blue B06
Ice Blue B12 070
Ice Blue B12
Light Blue B14 079
Light Blue B14
Cyanine Blue B16 080
Cyanine Blue B16
Lapis Lazuli B18 083
Lapis Lazuli B18
Baby Blue B21 066
Baby Blue B21
Phthalo Blue B23 073
Phthalo Blue B23
Sky Blue B24 076
Sky Blue B24
Cobalt Blue B26 082
Cobalt Blue B26
Royal Blue B28 305
Royal Blue B28
Ultramarine Blue B29 084
Ultramarine Blue B29
Pale Blue B32 072
Pale Blue B32
Manganese Blue B34 074
Manganese Blue B34
Antwerp Blue B37 085
Antwerp Blue B37
Prussian Blue B39 086
Prussian Blue B39
Powder Blue B41 067
Powder Blue B41
Smoky Blue B45 075
Smoky Blue B45
Soft Green Blue Hue B52 306
Soft Green Blue Hue B52
Pale Blue Grey B60 218
Pale Blue Grey B60
Light Hydrangea B63 219
Light Hydrangea B63
Clemantis B66 307
Clemantis B66
Stratospheric Blue B69 308
Stratospheric Blue B69
Iris B79 309
Iris B79
Pale Grey Blue Hue B91 310
Pale Grey Blue Hue B91
Light Crockery Blue B93 220
Light Crockery Blue B93
Light Cobalt Grey Hue B95 221
Light Cobalt Grey Hue B95
Night Blue B97 222
Night Blue B97
Agate B99 311
Agate B99
Pale Aqua BG000 313
Pale Aqua BG000
Aqua Blue BG01 215
Aqua Blue BG01
New Blue BG02 094
New Blue BG02
Holiday Blue BG05 095
Holiday Blue BG05
Petroleum Blue BG07 315
Petroleum Blue BG07
Blue Green BG09 098
Blue Green BG09
Cool Shadow BG10 087
Cool Shadow BG10
Moon White BG11 088
Moon White BG11
Mint Green BG13 091
Mint Green BG13
Aqua BG15 092
Aqua BG15
Teal Blue BG18 096
Teal Blue BG18
Coral Sea BG23 216
Coral Sea BG23
Aqua Mint BG32 090
Aqua Mint BG32
Horizon Green BG34 089
Horizon Green BG34
Nile Blue BG45 093
Nile Blue BG45
Duck Blue BG49 097
Duck Blue BG49
Ice Ocean BG72 317
Ice Ocean BG72
Abyss Green BG75 318
Abyss Green BG75
Bronze BG78 319
Bronze BG78
Green Grey BG93 223
Green Grey BG93
Bush BG96 224
Bush BG96
Flagstone Blue BG99 099
Flagstone Blue BG99
Pale Green G000 252
Pale Green G000
Jade Green G00 112
Jade Green G00
Spectrum Green G02 104
Spectrum Green G02
Meadow Green G03 321
Meadow Green G03
Emerald Green G05 106
Emerald Green G05
Nile Green G07 108
Nile Green G07
Veronese Green G09 107
Veronese Green G09
Sea Green G12 113
Sea Green G12
Apple Green G14 105
Apple Green G14
Malachite G16 111
Malachite G16
Forest Green G17 110
Forest Green G17
Bright Parrot Green G19 109
Bright Parrot Green G19
Wax White G20 118
Wax White G20
Lime Green G21 114
Lime Green G21
Willow G24 116
Willow G24
Ocean Green G28 100
Ocean Green G28
Pine Tree Green G29 101
Pine Tree Green G29
Dim Green G40 117
Dim Green G40
Spring Dim Green G82 115
Spring Dim Green G82
Verdigris G85 102
Verdigris G85
Grey Olive Hue G94 253
Grey Olive Hue G94
Olive Green G99 103
Olive Green G99
Mimosa Yellow YG00 272
Mimosa Yellow YG00
Green Bice YG01 122
Green Bice YG01
Yellow Green YG03 124
Yellow Green YG03
Salad Green YG05 126
Salad Green YG05
Yellow Green Hue YG06 217
Yellow Green Hue YG06
Acid Green YG07 128
Acid Green YG07
Lettuce Green YG09 132
Lettuce Green YG09
Mignonette YG11 119
Mignonette YG11
Chartreuse YG13 125
Chartreuse YG13
Grass Green YG17 131
Grass Green YG17
Anise YG21 121
Anise YG21
New Leaf YG23 123
New Leaf YG23
Celadon Green YG25 127
Celadon Green YG25
Pale Green YG41 120
Pale Green YG41
Cobalt Green YG45 130
Cobalt Green YG45
Pea Green YG63 129
Pea Green YG63
Moss Green YG67 133
Moss Green YG67
Putty YG91 134
Putty YG91
Greyish Yellow YG93 322
Greyish Yellow YG93
Pale Olive Green YG95 135
Pale Olive Green YG95
Spanish Olive YG97 136
Spanish Olive YG97
Marine Green YG99 137
Marine Green YG99
Floral White E0000 323
Floral White E0000
Pale Fruit Pink E000 324
Pale Fruit Pink E000
Skin White E00 145
Skin White E00
Pink Flamingo E01 325
Pink Flamingo E01
Fruit Pink E02 149
Fruit Pink E02
Natural Lipstick E04 159
Natural Lipstick E04
Light Mahogany E07 160
Light Mahogany E07
Brown E08 244
Brown E08
Burnt Sienna E09 161
Burnt Sienna E09
Barley Beige E11 148
Barley Beige E11
Light Suntan E13 150
Light Suntan E13
Dark Suntan E15 154
Dark Suntan E15
Red Brass Hue E17 326
Red Brass Hue E17
Copper E18 327
Copper E18
Redwood E19 162
Redwood E19
Baby Pink E21 147
Baby Pink E21
Caribe Cocoa E25 155
Caribe Cocoa E25
Milk Chocolate E27 163
Milk Chocolate E27
Burnt Umber E29 165
Burnt Umber E29
Bisque E30 328
Bisque E30
Brick Beige E31 141
Brick Beige E31
Sand E33 151
Sand E33
Toast E34 152
Toast E34
Chamois E35 153
Chamois E35
Sepia E37 156
Sepia E37
Leather E39 157
Leather E39
Brick White E40 138
Brick White E40
Pearl White E41 139
Pearl White E41
Sand White E42 329
Sand White E42
Dull Ivory E43 143
Dull Ivory E43
Clay E44 144
Clay E44
Dark Brown E47 245
Dark Brown E47
Dark Bark E49 167
Dark Bark E49
Egg Shell E50 246
Egg Shell E50
Milky White E51 146
Milky White E51
Raw Silk E53 140
Raw Silk E53
Light Caramel E55 142
Light Caramel E55
Light Walnut E57 158
Light Walnut E57
Walnut E59 166
Walnut E59
Ash Rose E70 330
Ash Rose E70
Champagne E71 247
Champagne E71
Cocoa Brown E74 331
Cocoa Brown E74
Maroon E77 164
Maroon E77
Cashew E79 332
Cashew E79
Tea Rose E93 248
Tea Rose E93
Flesh Pink E95 249
Flesh Pink E95
Deep Orange E97 333
Deep Orange E97
Baked Clay E99 334
Baked Clay E99
Cool Grey C-0 201
Cool Grey C-0
Cool Grey 1 C-1 202
Cool Grey 1 C-1
Cool Grey 2 C-2 203
Cool Grey 2 C-2
Cool Grey 3 C-3 204
Cool Grey 3 C-3
Cool Grey 4 C-4 205
Cool Grey 4 C-4
Cool Grey 5 C-5 206
Cool Grey 5 C-5
Cool Grey 6 C-6 207
Cool Grey 6 C-6
Cool Grey 7 C-7 208
Cool Grey 7 C-7
Cool Grey 8 C-8 209
Cool Grey 8 C-8
Cool Grey 9 C-9 210
Cool Grey 9 C-9
Cool Grey 10 C-10 211
Cool Grey 10 C-10
Toner Grey T-0 179
Toner Grey T-0
Toner Grey 1 T-1 180
Toner Grey 1 T-1
Toner Grey 2 T-2 181
Toner Grey 2 T-2
Toner Grey 3 T-3 182
Toner Grey 3 T-3
Toner Grey 4 T-4 183
Toner Grey 4 T-4
Toner Grey 5 T-5 184
Toner Grey 5 T-5
Toner Grey 6 T-6 185
Toner Grey 6 T-6
Toner Grey 7 T-7 186
Toner Grey 7 T-7
Toner Grey 8 T-8 187
Toner Grey 8 T-8
Toner Grey 9 T-9 188
Toner Grey 9 T-9
Toner Grey 10 T-10 189
Toner Grey 10 T-10
Neutral Grey N-0 190
Neutral Grey N-0
Neutral Grey 1 N-1 191
Neutral Grey 1 N-1
Neutral Grey 2 N-2 192
Neutral Grey 2 N-2
Neutral Grey 3 N-3 193
Neutral Grey 3 N-3
Neutral Grey 4 N-4 194
Neutral Grey 4 N-4
Neutral Grey 5 N-5 195
Neutral Grey 5 N-5
Neutral Grey 6 N-6 196
Neutral Grey 6 N-6
Neutral Grey 7 N-7 197
Neutral Grey 7 N-7
Neutral Grey 8 N-8 198
Neutral Grey 8 N-8
Neutral Grey 9 N-9 199
Neutral Grey 9 N-9
Neutral Grey 10 N-10 200
Neutral Grey 10 N-10
Warm Grey W-0 168
Warm Grey W-0
Warm Grey 1 W-1 169
Warm Grey 1 W-1
Warm Grey 2 W-2 170
Warm Grey 2 W-2
Warm Grey 3 W-3 171
Warm Grey 3 W-3
Warm Grey 4 W-4 172
Warm Grey 4 W-4
Warm Grey 5 W-5 173
Warm Grey 5 W-5
Warm Grey 6 W-6 174
Warm Grey 6 W-6
Warm Grey 7 W-7 175
Warm Grey 7 W-7
Warm Grey 8 W-8 176
Warm Grey 8 W-8
Warm Grey 9 W-9 177
Warm Grey 9 W-9
Warm Grey 10 W-10 178
Warm Grey 10 W-10
Blender 000
Black 100 213
Black 100
Special Black 110 212
Special Black 110
Fluorescent Pink FRV1 335
Fluorescent Pink FRV1
Fluorescent Orange FYR1 339
Fluorescent Orange FYR1
Fluorescent Yellow Orange FY1 337
Fluorescent Yellow Orange FY1
Fluorescent Yellow FYG1 338
Fluorescent Yellow FYG1
Fluorescent Dull Violet FV2 340
Fluorescent Dull Violet FV2
Fluorescent Dull Yellow Green FYG2 341
Fluorescent Dull Yellow Green FYG2
Fluorescent Dull Blue Green FBG2 343
Fluorescent Dull Blue Green FBG2
Fluorescent Dull Blue FB2 342
Fluorescent Dull Blue FB2
Pale Chiffon YR0000 243
Pale Chiffon YR0000
Pink Beryl R0000 344
Pink Beryl R0000
Evening Pimrose RV0000 345
Evening Pimrose RV0000
Rose Quartz V0000 346
Rose Quartz V0000
Pale Thistle BV0000 347
Pale Thistle BV0000
Pale Celestine B0000 349
Pale Celestine B0000
Macadamia YR30 364
Macadamia YR30
Hollyhock RV55 365
Hollyhock RV55
Cool Gray 00 C-00 930
Cool Gray 00 C-00
Warm Gray 00 W-00 969
Warm Gray 00 W-00
Ivory E81 357
Ivory E81
Fig E87 358
Fig E87
Begonia RV63 359
Begonia RV63
Raspberry RV66 360
Raspberry RV66
Wisteria V20 361
Wisteria V20
Pale Moss YG61 363
Pale Moss YG61
Snow Green BG0000 351
Snow Green BG0000
Crystal Opal G0000 352
Crystal Opal G0000
Lily White YG0000 353
Lily White YG0000
Ice Mint BG53 354
Ice Mint BG53
Ocean Mist BG70 355
Ocean Mist BG70
Hazelnut E23 356
Hazelnut E23
V25 362
Yellow Fluorite Y0000 242
Yellow Fluorite Y0000
Tuscan Orange YR27 366
Tuscan Orange YR27
Currant R56 367
Currant R56
Cotton Candy RV52 368
Cotton Candy RV52
Ash Lavender V22 369
Ash Lavender V22
Eggplant V28 370
Eggplant V28
Bluebell BV34 371
Bluebell BV34
Jasper BG57 372
Jasper BG57
Grey Sky BG90 373
Grey Sky BG90
Pistachio G43 374
Pistachio G43
Mistletoe G46 375
Mistletoe G46
Khaki E84 376
Khaki E84
Pecan E89 377
Pecan E89
Key to symbols
GHS02 - Flammable
GHS02 - Flammable
GHS05 - Corrosive
GHS05 - Corrosive
H225: Highly flammable liquid and vapour.
H318: Causes serious eye damage.

Copic Ink Refills can refill Copic markers up to 8 times, making this the most affordable brand amongst the professional and high-quality layout markers.

Copic Ink is alcohol-based, toxicologically harmless, virtually odourless and quick drying. Colours are smudgeproof and intermixable.

These Copic Ink Refills are supplied in 25ml plastic bottles, which allow an exact dosage of 3cl to refill a marker. For gradients or transitions the ink can be dripped directly onto the tip of a marker (ideal for rainbow effects, for example). This ink is also ideally suited for airbrush work and classic brush or pencil drawings.

Price per bottle.

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