COPIC® | sketch marker set A — 72 markers

COPIC® | sketch marker set A — 72 markers

These markers are double-ended, with both brush and medium broad tips. They are presented in a practical acrylic display case which protects the markers and makes them easy to locate. More
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COPIC® | sketch marker set A — 72 markers, 72 pens

The markers in this Copic Sketch Marker 72 Pen Set A are double-ended, with a brush tip and a medium broad tip. The set is supplied in a practical transparent acrylic display case.

Key features of Copic Sketch Markers:

  • available as a single marker and in many set variants
  • refillable with Copic Ink
  • both tips are interchangeable
  • perfectly ergonomic body
  • alcohol-based ink, toxicologically harmless and virtually odourless
  • dries quickly and does not smudge
  • cost-saving marker variant from Copic

All colours are marked with a systematic colour code for easy identification. This can be found on the coloured caps and marked on the body of the Copic Sketch Marker so that it is resistant to abrasion. Copic is the cheapest brand among professional and high quality layout markers.

TIP! Turn your Copic Sketch Markers into an amazing airbrush system and experience a new dimension in layout. Simply insert the sketch marker into the special spray attachment, connect it to the compressed air can or compressor and you're ready to go. Airbrush in its simplest form.

This Copic Sketch Marker 72 Pen Set A contains the following colours:

  • Black 100
  • Special Black 110
  • Mint Blue B01
  • Process Blue B05
  • Peacock Blue B06
  • Light Blue B14
  • Phthalo Blue B23
  • Cobalt Blue B26
  • Ultramarine B29
  • Pale Blue B32
  • Manganese Blue B34
  • Antwerp Blue B37
  • Prussian Blue B39
  • Blue Green BG09
  • Cool Shadow BG10
  • Aqua BG15
  • Teal Blue BG18
  • Blue Violet BV08
  • Cool Grey No.1 C1
  • Cool Grey No.3 C3
  • Cool Grey No.5 C5
  • Cool Grey No.7 C7
  • Cool Grey No.9 C9
  • Burnt Sienna E09
  • Dark Suntan E15
  • Burnt Umber E29
  • Sand E33
  • Sepia E37
  • Clay E44
  • Dark Bark E49
  • Nile Green G07
  • Malachite G16
  • Forest Green G17
  • Lime Green G21
  • Ocean Green G28
  • Olive G99
  • Rose Salmon R02
  • Vermilion R08
  • Cadmium Red R27
  • Peach R32
  • Carmine R37
  • Shock Pink RV04
  • Fuchsia RV09
  • Pink RV11
  • Red Violet RV19
  • Crimson RV29
  • Lilac V04
  • Lavender V06
  • Violet V09
  • Warm Grey No.1 W1
  • Warm Grey No.3 W3
  • Warm Grey No.5 W5
  • Warm Grey No.7 W7
  • Warm Grey No.9 W9
  • Canary Yellow Y02
  • Yellow Y06
  • Pale Yellow Y11
  • Lemon Yellow Y13
  • Cadmium Yellow Y15
  • Buttercup Yellow Y21
  • Mustard Y26
  • Yellow Green YG03
  • Chartreuse YG13
  • Putty YG91
  • Pale Olive YG95
  • Powder Pink YR00
  • Chrome Orange YR04
  • Cadmium Orange YR07
  • Chinese Orange YR09
  • Caramel YR14
  • Yellow Ochre YR23
  • Pale Sepia YR24

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