DERWENT | Drawing Pencil Set — 6 pencils

This set of 6 assorted drawing pencils is ideal for drawing animals, landscapes and portraits. The pencils have fantastically soft leads with a large diameter of 5 mm. More
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Additional info: 6 pencils

This DERWENT Drawing Pencil Set contains 6 assorted drawing pencils with fantastically soft leads. The pencils are ideal for drawing animals, landscapes and portraits.

The colours are rich and earthy. The large diameter and soft texture of the lead are perfect for drawing thick fur or feathers. With the sepia tones, you can achieve spectacular results when drawing portraits and still lifes.

The DERWENT Drawing Pencil Set contains the following shades:

  • Brown ochre
  • Sepia red
  • Sanguine
  • Chocolate
  • Ivory black
  • Chinese white

Product features of these DERWENT Drawing Pencils at a glance:

  • smooth and velvety colour stroke thanks to fantastically soft lead
  • available in a wide range of colours
  • end of pencil in lead colour
  • pencil diameterl: 8 mm
  • lead diameter: 5 mm
  • pencil length: 179 mm
  • pencil is labelled with colour number and name

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