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Wide Profile Floating Frame

Wide profile floating frame, made from Linden wood, with a profile width of 50mm, a profile height of 35mm, and a rebate of 35mmx28mm. More
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Wide Profile Floating Frame, 30cmx40cm
Code 75334
Ready for shipping
  £ 25.99

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 35cmx27cm
Code 76114
Ready for shipping
  £ 25.49

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 40cmx40cm
Code 75341
Ready for shipping
  £ 27.59

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 40cmx50cm
Code 75335
Ready for shipping
  £ 28.69

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 41cmx33cm
Code 76046
Ready for shipping
  £ 26.59

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 50cmx50cm
Code 75342
Ready for shipping
£ 39.36   £ 32.99

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 50cmx60cm
Code 75336
Ready for shipping
  £ 34.99

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 50cmx70cm
Code 75337
Ready for shipping
  £ 34.59

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 55cmx46cm
Code 75942
Ready for shipping
  £ 33.99

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 60cmx60cm
Code 75343
Ready for shipping
£ 40.95   £ 38.29

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 60cmx80cm
Code 75338
Ready for shipping
  £ 43.59

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 70cmx1m
Code 75339
Ready for shipping
  £ 51.99

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 80cmx80cm
Code 75344
Ready for shipping
£ 53.78   £ 48.89

Wide Profile Floating Frame, 80cmx1m
Code 75340
Ready for shipping
  £ 54.79

Wide profile floating frame, made from Linden wood, with a profile width of 50mm, a profile height of 35mm, and a rebate of 35mmx28mm.

16 sizes and 3 formats available.

Please note:

1. When purchasing any floater frame from GreatArt, select a frame the same size as your canvas. Adding extra length is not necessary as this has already been taken into account.

2. Canvas Holders/Clips to secure the canvas to the frame are not included. We sell from 3mm up to 25mm, search for code: 81727.

Price per frame.

Stock availability online does not reflect availability in-store.
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Floater frames - I ordered two sizes of this frame. Found the 'floating' gap a bit wider than I expected but ican live with that. One frame was damaged in transit, pierced right through the packaging. Very impressed by the efficient way my problem was resolved and a new frame sent to me.

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