This acrylic paint set contains 5 x 750 ml bottles suitable for decorative, large-scale design. The paints offer brilliant colours and an exceptionally uniform consistency. More
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The Gerstaecker NEO ACRYL Set contains 5 x 750 ml bottles of acrylic paint with an exceptionally uniform consistency. It is suitable for decorative, large-scale design.

Each brilliant colour is lightfast with excellent processing properties.

Gerstaecker NEO ACRYL contains carefully selected binders to ensure that the paint retains an elastic film even after drying. It dries rapidly to a satin matt, waterproof finish and can be diluted with water. It adheres to almost all grease-free surfaces such as paper, canvas, cardboard, wood, metal, stone and plastic.

The Gerstaecker NEO ACRYL set contains the following colours:

  • white
  • black
  • primary magenta
  • primary cyan
  • primary yellow

TIP! With this set's primary colours, you can mix thousands of colours through subtractive colour mixing.

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