Gerstaecker | Water Glass — 500 ml

Gerstaecker water glass, suitable for using as a deffloculator, to make cracked glazes waterproof, or as an adhesive for paint. Please note Gerstaecker water glass is not heat-proof. More
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Gerstaecker | Water Glass — 500 ml, 500ml

This Gerstaecker Water Glass can be used, among other things, as an adhesive component of paints and adhesives. It can also be used to make porous ceramics or those with cracked glazes impermeable to water.

If using Gerstaecker Water Glass to make ceramics impermeable, the part in question is poured or coated with the liquid water glass. Under certain circumstances, a slight preheating of the part up to approx. 50° C is advantageous in order to enable faster drying. The layer formed after drying sits in the pores or cracks and seals the part. However, this protective layer is not heat-resistant (hot water) and may have to be renewed after a certain time.

Water glass is also used in the liquefaction of casting compounds, allowing the water content to be reduced.

Gerstaecker Water Glass is sold in 500ml bottles.

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