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Up to -22%

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints are known for their exceptionally soft, thick consistency. They offer the largest range of single pure pigment paints available to the professional artist. More
Titanium White 380
Titanium White
Zinc White 415
Zinc White
Titanate Yellow 375
Titanate Yellow
Hansa Yellow Light 180
Hansa Yellow Light
Hansa Yellow Medium 190
Hansa Yellow Medium
Cadmium Yellow Primrose 135
Cadmium Yellow Primrose
Bismuth Vanadium Yellow 007
Bismuth Vanadium Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Light 120
Cadmium Yellow Light
Primary Yellow 530
Primary Yellow
Hansa Yellow Deep 190
Hansa Yellow Deep
Hansa Yellow Opaque 191
Hansa Yellow Opaque
Cadmium Yellow Medium 130
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue 554
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
Cadmium Yellow Deep 110
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Diarylide Yellow 147
Diarylide Yellow
Azo Nickel Yellow 225
Azo Nickel Yellow
Indian Yellow Hue 455
Indian Yellow Hue
Cadmium Orange 070
Cadmium Orange
Pyrrole Orange Transparent 384
Pyrrole Orange Transparent
Vat Orange 403
Vat Orange
Pyrrole Orange 276
Pyrrole Orange
Hansa Yellow Medium 190
Hansa Yellow Medium
Quinacridone Azo Nickel Yellow 301
Quinacridone Azo Nickel Yellow
Cadmium Red Light 090
Cadmium Red Light
Pyrrole Red Light 279
Pyrrole Red Light
Quinacridone Red Light 320
Quinacridone Red Light
Naphthol Red 210
Naphthol Red
Pyrrole Red 277
Pyrrole Red
Cadmium Red Medium 100
Cadmium Red Medium
Cadmium Red Medium Hue 552
Cadmium Red Medium Hue
Quinacridone Red 280
Quinacridone Red
Cadmium Red Deep 080
Cadmium Red Deep
Pyrrole Red Dark 278
Pyrrole Red Dark
Primary Red 510
Primary Red
Magenta Light 562
Magenta Light
Naphthol Red Deep 220
Naphthol Red Deep
Quinacridone Red 310
Quinacridone Red
Alizarin Crimson Hue 450
Alizarin Crimson Hue
Quinacridone Crimson 290
Quinacridone Crimson
Permanent Red Brown 252
Permanent Red Brown
Quinacridone Magenta 305
Quinacridone Magenta
Hansa Yellow Light 180
Hansa Yellow Light
Magenta Medium 570
Magenta Medium
Quinacridone Violet 330
Quinacridone Violet
Permanent Violet Deep 253
Permanent Violet Deep
Cobalt Violet Hue 465
Cobalt Violet Hue
Violet Medium 572
Violet Medium
Violet Light 568
Violet Light
Ultramarine Violet 401
Ultramarine Violet
Dioxazine Purple 150
Dioxazine Purple
Smalt Hue 467
Smalt Hue
Ultramarine Blue 400
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue Light 566
Ultramarine Blue Light
Cobalt Blue 140
Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue Hue 556
Cobalt Blue Hue
Cerulean Blue Chrome 050
Cerulean Blue Chrome
Anthraquinon Blue 005
Anthraquinon Blue
Prussian Blue Hue 460
Prussian Blue Hue
Phthalo Blue Red Shade 260
Phthalo Blue Red Shade
Phthalo Green 255
Phthalo Green
Primary Cyan Blue 500
Primary Cyan Blue
Cerulean Blue Deep 051
Cerulean Blue Deep
Manganese Blue Hue 457
Manganese Blue Hue
Azurite Hue 464
Azurite Hue
Cobalt Blue Green 145
Cobalt Blue Green
Teal 369
Phthalo Turquoise Light 564
Phthalo Turquoise Light
Phthalo Turquoise 390
Phthalo Turquoise
Hansa Yellow Light 180
Hansa Yellow Light
Cobalt Turquoise 144
Cobalt Turquoise
Phthalo Green Blue Shade 270
Phthalo Green Blue Shade
Viridian Green Hue 469
Viridian Green Hue
Phthalo Green Yellow Shade 275
Phthalo Green Yellow Shade
Permanent Green Light 250
Permanent Green Light
Cobalt Green 142
Cobalt Green
Hookers Green Hue 454
Hookers Green Hue
Jenkins Green 195
Jenkins Green
Sap Green Hue 461
Sap Green Hue
Green Earth Hue 468
Green Earth Hue
Chrome Oxide Green Deep 061
Chrome Oxide Green Deep
Chrome Oxide Green 060
Chrome Oxide Green
Light Green Blue Shade 558
Light Green Blue Shade
Light Green Yellow Shade 560
Light Green Yellow Shade
Green Gold 170
Green Gold
Titan Buff 370
Titan Buff
Naples Yellow Hue 459
Naples Yellow Hue
Yellow Ochre 407
Yellow Ochre
Oxide Yellow 410
Oxide Yellow
Iron Oxide Yellow Transparent 386
Iron Oxide Yellow Transparent
Raw Sienna 340
Raw Sienna
Mars Yellow 202
Mars Yellow
Aureolin Yellow Imitation 463
Aureolin Yellow Imitation
Iron Oxide Red Transparent 385
Iron Oxide Red Transparent
Oxide Red 360
Oxide Red
Oxide Violet 405
Oxide Violet
Burnt Sienna 020
Burnt Sienna
Transparent Brown Iron Oxide 383
Transparent Brown Iron Oxide
Burnt Umber Light 035
Burnt Umber Light
Burnt Umber 030
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber 350
Raw Umber
Van Dyck Brown Hue 462
Van Dyck Brown Hue
Ivory Black 010
Ivory Black
Carbon Black 040
Carbon Black
Mars Black 200
Mars Black
Paynes Grey 240
Paynes Grey
Graphite Grey 160
Graphite Grey
Neutral Grey N2 442
Neutral Grey N2
Aureolin Yellow Hue 463
Aureolin Yellow Hue
Neutral Grey N3 443
Neutral Grey N3
Neutral Grey N4 444
Neutral Grey N4
Neutral Grey N5 445
Neutral Grey N5
Neutral Grey N6 446
Neutral Grey N6
Neutral Grey N7 447
Neutral Grey N7
Neutral Grey N8 448
Neutral Grey N8
Iridescent Copper Fine Light 616
Iridescent Copper Fine Light
Iridescent Copper Coarse Deep 617
Iridescent Copper Coarse Deep
Iridescent Copper Fine 615
Iridescent Copper Fine
Iridescent Copper Coarse 614
Iridescent Copper Coarse
Iridescent Bronze Fine 613
Iridescent Bronze Fine
Iridescent Gold Coarse 618
Iridescent Gold Coarse
Iridescent Gold Fine 619
Iridescent Gold Fine
Iridescent Bright Gold (fine) 612
Iridescent Bright Gold (fine)
Iridescent Deep Gold (fine) 620
Iridescent Deep Gold (fine)
Iridescent Pearl Coarse 621
Iridescent Pearl Coarse
Iridescent Pearl Fine 622
Iridescent Pearl Fine
Iridescent Silver Fine 623
Iridescent Silver Fine
Iridescent Stainless Steel 611
Iridescent Stainless Steel
Iridescent Stainless Steel Coarse 610
Iridescent Stainless Steel Coarse
Interference Orange Fine 606
Interference Orange Fine
Interference Red Fine 608
Interference Red Fine
Interference Violet Fine 609
Interference Violet Fine
Interference Blue Fine 601
Interference Blue Fine
Interference Green Fine 605
Interference Green Fine
Interference Gold Fine 603
Interference Gold Fine
Small Pearl Mica Flake 677
Small Pearl Mica Flake
Small Gold Mica Flake 676
Small Gold Mica Flake
Large Gold Mica Flake 678
Large Gold Mica Flake
Coarse Aluminium 682
Coarse Aluminium
Micaceous Iron Oxide 680
Micaceous Iron Oxide
Small Black Mica Flake 675
Small Black Mica Flake
Key to symbols
maximum lightfastness
maximum lightfastness
excellent lightfastness
excellent lightfastness

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints are known for their exceptionally soft, thick consistency. They offer the largest range of single pure pigment paints available to the professional artist.

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints have excellent permanency and lightfastness. They contain no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners or added dyes. Each colour is prepared differently depending on the pigment properties. The colours that tolerate a high pigment load dry with an opaque satin finish, whereas more reactive colours with a lower pigment load dry more glossy and transparent.

These Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints are made from 100% pure acrylic emulsion.

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