Hahnemühle | Watercolour paper — bookmark format

This pad contains 15 pre-cut bookmarks which can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation, Create personal gifts with paint, collage, felt pens, découpage etc, More
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Create beautifully designed bookmarks and put a smile on your face or that of a loved one with a very personal gift. The Hahnemühle Watercolour Bookmark Pad is perfect for all creative people.

This pad contains 15 pre-cut bookmarks so you can get started straight away! The heavyweight 100% cotton 300 gsm “Expression" watercolour paper is highly absorbent and can hold several layers of watercolour.

Key features of the Hahnemühle Watercolour Bookmark Pad:

  • surface sized (therefore easy to use masking tape and fluid without tearing the paper)
  • cold pressed
  • perfect for watercolour, gouache, acrylic, or fine liners
  • glued at the top
  • 15 bookmarks in 5.5 x 20 cm format
  • can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation

TIP! — Use these bookmarks as a perfect base for self-designed collages instead of painting them!

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