JACQUARD | SolarFast™ FILM — for inkjet printers

JACQUARD | SolarFast™ FILM — for inkjet printers

This film is a transparent film, which you can print on with an inkjet printer. You can also draw on it with a high-definition marker. This gives you negatives for various (screen) printing techniques. More
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JACQUARD SolarFast™ FILM are transparent films for inkjet printers. They are ideal for printing images that are to be transferred to textiles and paper using SolarFast™ colours.

Product features of JACQUARD SolarFast™ FILM at a glance:

  • content: 8 films
  • size: 216 mm x 279 mm
  • ultra-thin for razor-sharp details
  • perfect for creating photographic negatives
  • compatible with all inkjet printers
  • print on the print side only (feels slightly tacky)
  • stack 2 negatives for higher contrast SolarFast™ prints or if your printer uses less ink

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