MIJELLO | Mission Gold Watercolour Box - 26 tubes

This watercolour box contains 26 tubes of extra fine watercolour. These professional paints are very luminous, with excellent clarity and transparency, More
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The Mijello Mission Gold Box contains 26 tubes of extra fine watercolour. This paint is a professional and very luminous watercolour paint for a powerful watercolour.

These finest watercolour paints have been developed with the help of watercolour artists from all over the world. The pure colours reflect the entire palette of nature. A colour as vibrant as nature goes beyond an ordinary watercolour. Only single pigment colours are included in this set of 26

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolour Paints are high quality, brilliant watercolours. They have excellent clarity and transparency, and intense luminosity. The paints dry quickly on the palette but can be easily reactivated with a moist brush. Due to the strong pigmentation, a small quantity of Mijello Mission Gold Watercolour goes a long way and gives incredible coverage. The colours are intermixable.

This Mijello Mission Gold Box contains:

  • 2 x 7 ml tubes in Chinese white and Ivory black
  • 24 x 15 ml tubes in: 521 Lemon yellow ○ 522 Permanent light yellow ○ 523 Permanent deep yellow ○ 622 Autumn orange ○ 604 Red orange ○ 574 Permanent deep red ○ 513 Red rose ○ 512 Permanent pink ○ 519 Permanent magenta ○ 623 Purple quinacridone ○ 624 Purple dioxazine ○ 549 Cobalt blue No. 2 ○ 541 Cochineal blue ○ 631 Phthalocyanine blue ○ 581 Ultramarine light blue ○ 590 Cobalt turquoise ○ 536 Viridian ○ 584 Green bamboo ○ 616 Dark cobalt green ○ 600 Green gold ○ 568 Yellow ochre No. 2 ○ 625 Burnt Sienna No. 2 ○ 565 Red Brown ○ 566 Van Dyck brown.

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