pébéo | CÉRAMIC Collection Box— 10 colours + essential equipment

This set contains paints and accessories ideal for ceramic decoration. The opaque and highly glossy solvent-based colours are lightfast. More
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The pébéo CÉRAMIC Collection Box contains paints and accessories ideal for ceramic decoration. The colours are very lightfast and can be applied with a brush, sponge, stencil, the dipping technique etc.

The ceramic colours, when applied thickly, can be combined with materials such as sand, and can be scratched with sticks. They are opaque and highly glossy solvent-based colours, mixable with each other. After approx. 3 hours the colours are "dust dry" and after approx. 48 hours they are completely dry. Once dry, they are scratch-resistant and can be washed with cold water, but must not be immersed. Before painting porous surfaces, a stronger gloss can be achieved if a pore-sealing primer is applied beforehand.

Key properties of pébéo CÉRAMIC paints:

  • oil-based alkyd paints
  • ready to use and intermixable colours
  • opaque, highly glossy colours
  • very good lightfastness
  • compatible with all products in the Pébéo Mixed Media® range

The pébéo CERAMIC Collection Box contains:

  • 10 x 45ml pébéo Céramic paints in white, rich yellow, orange, cherry red, lavender, Sèvres blue, turquoise, leaf green, black and gold
  • 2 x 20ml relief paste (silver and black)
  • 1 x palette
  • 1 x fan brush
  • 1 x sponge
  • 1 x booklet


In combination with the effect colours Fantasy Prisme and Moon or the Vitrail colours, the Ceramic colours create unique contrasts - with various gradations of texture, intensity, opacity, transparency and opalescence.

Apply with brush, sponge, stencil, by dripping, spraying or pouring directly from the bottle.For greater precision, use an applicator - with or without drip tip.

For thick-layered application, the Ceramic colours can be combined with other materials such as sand or they can be scratched with a stick.

The Ceramic colours can be used to achieve a variety of effects on Studio Acrylics paints and stains as well as on Gédéo resins and mirror effect sheets.

Before applying a layer of resin to the colours, allow them to dry completely for at least 7 days.

By adding Ceramic Colours to Gédéo Crystal Resins, an infinite variety of brilliant coloured resin creations can be created


You can use Ceramic paint on various acrylic painting materials and Gédéo resins to add texture and relief effects to your works.

Pébéo Contour Paste can be used to create edgings that pick up and enclose the Ceramic paints.

Clean brushes and pipettes thoroughly with odourless solvent or turpentine substitute and then rinse them with soapy water.

Add up to 10% Ceramic colours to colour crystal resin.

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