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Pébéo Studio Acrylic Paints

Pébéo Studio Acrylic Paints are suitable for canvas, wood, cement, metal etc. They are highly viscous and meet the highest ecological requirements. All colours are intermixable. More
Titanium White 011
Titanium White
Bright White 041
Bright White
Buff Titanium 065
Buff Titanium
Bright Yellow 051
Bright Yellow
Lemon Yellow Cadmium Hue 022
Lemon Yellow Cadmium Hue
Primary Yellow 048
Primary Yellow
Light Azo Yellow 013
Light Azo Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue 023
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue
Cadmium Yellow Dark Hue 052
Cadmium Yellow Dark Hue
Cadmium Orange Hue 032
Cadmium Orange Hue
Transparent Vermilion 019
Transparent Vermilion
Cadmium Red Hue 033
Cadmium Red Hue
Cadmium Red Dark Hue 053
Cadmium Red Dark Hue
Quinacridone Scarlet 020
Quinacridone Scarlet
Primary Magenta 050
Primary Magenta
Naphthol Red Carmine 018
Naphthol Red Carmine
Pink 045
Azo Pink 055
Azo Pink
Alizarin Crimson 054
Alizarin Crimson
Oriental Violet 021
Oriental Violet
Cobalt Violet Dark Hue 047
Cobalt Violet Dark Hue
Prussian Blue Hue 056
Prussian Blue Hue
Dark Ultramarine Blue 015
Dark Ultramarine Blue
Light Ultramarine Blue 025
Light Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue Hue 014
Cobalt Blue Hue
Phthalocyanine Blue 017
Phthalocyanine Blue
Primary Cyan 049
Primary Cyan
Cerulean Blue 028
Cerulean Blue
Turquoise Blue 030
Turquoise Blue
Cadmium Green Hue 043
Cadmium Green Hue
Phthalocyanine Green 042
Phthalocyanine Green
Sap Green 059
Sap Green
Hooker's Green 044
Hooker's Green
Green Earth 061
Green Earth
Chrome Green Hue 060
Chrome Green Hue
Naples Yellow Hue 024
Naples Yellow Hue
Yellow Ochre 027
Yellow Ochre
Venice Yellow 035
Venice Yellow
Raw Sienna 036
Raw Sienna
Red Ochre 034
Red Ochre
Venice Red 039
Venice Red
Burnt Sienna 038
Burnt Sienna
Terra Rossa 063
Terra Rossa
Raw Umber 064
Raw Umber
Burnt Umber 029
Burnt Umber
Neutral Grey 046
Neutral Grey
Payne's Grey 040
Payne's Grey
Mars Black 026
Mars Black
Iridescent Zilver 351
Iridescent Zilver
Iridescent Gold 352
Iridescent Gold
Iridescent Precious Gold 350
Iridescent Precious Gold
Iridescent Copper 355
Iridescent Copper
Iridescent Orange Yellow 353
Iridescent Orange Yellow
Iridescent Red Blue 354
Iridescent Red Blue
Iridescent Violet Blue 356
Iridescent Violet Blue
Iridescent Blue Green 357
Iridescent Blue Green
Iridescent Green Blue 358
Iridescent Green Blue
Iridescent Green Yellow 359
Iridescent Green Yellow
Iridescent Blue Black 360
Iridescent Blue Black
Fluorescent Yellow 372
Fluorescent Yellow
Fluorescent Orange 370
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink 371
Fluorescent Pink
Key to symbols
very good lightfastness
very good lightfastness
good lightfastness
good lightfastness
adequate lightfastness
adequate lightfastness

Pébéo Studio Acrylic Paints are suitable for canvas, wood, cement, metal etc. They are highly viscous and meet the highest ecological requirements. All colours are intermixable.

The colours of these Pébéo Studio Acrylic Paints are intense, with rich pigmentation, very good lightfastness and a satin matt finish. They dry into a very adherent, flexible, water resistant film.

Pébéo Studio Acrylic Paints can be applied by brush or palette knife and are particularly suitable for impasto. They can be used undiluted or in conjunction with Pébéo Studio acrylic mediums.

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