Speedball® | PUFF Modifier — for screen printing ink

Mix this modifier with your screenprinting inks and experiment! It adds a whole new dimension to your screenprinting by making the ink puff up and rise, as yeast makes dough rise. More
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Do you think your regular screen printing ink is becoming a bit ordinary? Would you like to give it a new dimension? Then PUFF it!

Speedball®'s PUFF Modifier gives your ink relief and makes it rise, a bit like yeast makes dough rise!

And this is how you work with Speedball®'s PUFF modifier:

  • mix PUFF with your screen printing ink and stir well
  • max. mixing ratio (by weight): 20% PUFF to 80% ink
  • use a more open mesh, e.g. a mesh count 43T
  • make your pull, as usual
  • activate the PUFF by heat-fixing at up to approx. 135° C
  • leave your work to air-dry for at least 72 hours
  • PUFF-modified ink dries matt

You can use this PUFF modifier in combination with Speedball's® Fabric Screenprinting Ink, Opaque Fabric Screenprinting Ink and FLEX™ Fabric Screenprinting Ink.

➽ TIP 1! Why is it better to use mesh with a slightly lower mesh count? Quite simple: PUFF makes your ink thicker. With a higher mesh count, less ink will come through your mesh and you won't get the optimal PUFF result. Do you want to print really thickly? Then use a mesh 21T, which allows a lot of ink through, with multiple pulls.

➽ TIP 2! Because your ink is a bit thicker now, it's better to work with a softer squeegee, say 60 - 65 Shore durometer. That way you'll get more ink through your mesh - and more ink means more PUFF!

➽ TIP 3! On somewhat heavier, denser woven fabrics - for example, a heavy quality cotton - you will get a better result than on thinner, more open woven fabrics.

➽ TIP 4! Because the volume and surface area of your ink increases, but the amount of colour remains the same, your work will always dry a little lighter than the original colour of your ink - something to bear in mind! But of course, you can actively use that lighter drying. For example, work with black ink on a black t-shirt. Your ink will dry somewhat greyish - the result is both subtle and cool at the same time!

➽ TIP 5! Do you want to work on the same piece with ink both with and without PUFF? Then first print the ink without and then the ink with PUFF.

In short - experiment with the power of PUFF & enjoy!

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