Winsor & Newton Brushmarkers

Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers provide the ultimate in precise and flexible line control. They add versatility to your drawings and illustrations. More
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Soft lime Y828 368
Soft lime Y828
Lemon Y747 206
Lemon Y747
Yellow Y657 173
Yellow Y657
Canary Y367 166
Canary Y367
Sunflower Y156 224
Sunflower Y156
Almond O819 216
Almond O819
Blush O729 172
Blush O729
Amber O567 195
Amber O567
Pumpkin O467 225
Pumpkin O467
Light orange O177 051
Light orange O177
Burnt orange R946 092
Burnt orange R946
Satin Y129 186
Satin Y129
Old rose O518 200
Old rose O518
Putty O618 300
Putty O618
Red R666 209
Red R666
Berry red R665 171
Berry red R665
Ruby R455 170
Ruby R455
Firebrick R735 374
Firebrick R735
Maroon M544 175
Maroon M544
Pale pink R519 220
Pale pink R519
Rose pink M727 168
Rose pink M727
Cerise M647 218
Cerise M647
Magenta M865 359
Magenta M865
Carmine R156 127
Carmine R156
Pink pearl V718 376
Pink pearl V718
Wild orchid V746 323
Wild orchid V746
Amethyst V626 167
Amethyst V626
Purple V546 542
Purple V546
Plum V735 197
Plum V735
Lilac V327 226
Lilac V327
Cloud blue B318 378
Cloud blue B318
China blue B736 198
China blue B736
Indigo blue V234 169
Indigo blue V234
Royal blue V264 045
Royal blue V264
Egyptian blue B944 305
Egyptian blue B944
Sky blue B137 621
Sky blue B137
Cyan C847 351
Cyan C847
Cool aquamarine C429 204
Cool aquamarine C429
Turquoise C247 654
Turquoise C247
Ocean teal G956 377
Ocean teal G956
Pebble blue C217 373
Pebble blue C217
Lush green G756 228
Lush green G756
Mint green G637 223
Mint green G637
Grass green G457 253
Grass green G457
Forest green G356 068
Forest green G356
Meadow green G339 215
Meadow green G339
Apple green G338 210
Apple green G338
Bright green G267 069
Bright green G267
Lime green G178 071
Lime green G178
Champagne Y217 372
Champagne Y217
Sandstone O928 174
Sandstone O928
Praline O837 385
Praline O837
Cocoa O535 213
Cocoa O535
Cinnamon O427 199
Cinnamon O427
Saddle brown O345 332
Saddle brown O345
Henna O225 105
Henna O225
Burnt Sienna O324 074
Burnt Sienna O324
Cold grey 1 CG1 161
Cold grey 1 CG1
Cold grey 2 CG2 160
Cold grey 2 CG2
Cold grey 3 CG3 159
Cold grey 3 CG3
Cold grey 4 CG4 158
Cold grey 4 CG4
Cold grey 5 CG5 157
Cold grey 5 CG5
Warm grey 1 WG1 134
Warm grey 1 WG1
Warm grey 2 WG2 133
Warm grey 2 WG2
Warm grey 3 WG3 132
Warm grey 3 WG3
Warm grey 4 WG4 131
Warm grey 4 WG4
Warm grey 5 WG5 129
Warm grey 5 WG5
Black XB 030
Black XB
Blender BL 339
Blender BL

Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers provide the ultimate in precise and flexible line control. They add versatility to your drawings and illustrations.

These Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers are highly blendable and offer print quality, streak-free coverage. They contain alcohol-based, translucent ink. Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers are dual ended, with a broad chisel tip at one end and a brush tip at the other.

Price per marker.

Stock availability online does not reflect availability in-store.

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