Wonday® | Sewing Pins — 50 pins

Use these pins for sewing and handicrafts. The large coloured plastic heads ensure the pins dont disappear into the fabric and are easy to remove. More
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Wonday® Sewing Pins can be used for sewing, and also for handicrafts such as creating paper flowers. The pins hold paper or fabric together or to a polystyrene base, so you can create beautiful, decorative accessories quickly and comfortably.

The head of the pin prevents the pin from sinking into the fabric. In addition, thanks to the colouring of the head, the pin can be quickly found again at any time.

Product features of these Wonday® Sewing Pins at a glance:

  • pin length: 20 mm
  • package content: 50 pieces
  • head diameter: 4 mm
  • heads made of coloured plastic
  • versatile use

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