Wonday | Whistle — metal with coloured lanyard

This metal whistle has a coloured lanyard. It is ideal not only for sporting activities but also as a rhthym instrument. More
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The Wonday Whistle is a metal whistle with a coloured lanyard. In addition to sporting activities, whistles are also used as an instrument, more precisely, as a noise, rhythm and effect instrument.

These small whistles are particularly popular with children. The whistle makes it easy to produce sounds. It has a movable body in the resonance chamber, which produces sounds by blowing. The advantage of this instrument is also that the hands are free when playing and can theoretically be used for another instrument, for example a drum. This creates beautiful samba rhythms.

Key features of this Wonday Whistle:

  • metal whistle
  • coloured lanyard
  • ideal for sports lessons and sporting activities
  • noise, rhythm and effect instrument
  • popular with children
  • easy sound production
  • movable body in the resonance chamber

TIP! The sound pressure of the whistle can reach the pain threshold or even cause damage to hearing when used close to the ear. It is therefore recommended to wear earplugs when playing for long periods.

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