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DLW Lino Blocks

These high-quality DLW Lino Blocks give optimal results for relief printing. They are particularly easy to cut and gentle on your knife. More
£ 2.59
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DLW Lino Blocks, A5 / 3.2mm / brown
Code 2-34160
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£ 2.59   £ 1.89

DLW Lino Blocks, A4 / 3.2mm / brown
Code 2-34161
Ready for shipping
£ 4.69   £ 3.49

DLW Lino Blocks, A3 / 3.2mm / brown
Code 2-34162
Ready for shipping
£ 9.49   £ 7.09

DLW Lino Blocks, A2 / 3.2mm / brown
Code 2-34163
Ready for shipping
£ 18.59   £ 13.89

DLW Lino Blocks, 60 x 80cm / 3.2mm / brown
Code 34164
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£ 51.20   £ 43.59

DLW Lino Blocks, A5 / 4.5mm / light beige
Code 34153
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£ 4.86   £ 4.19

DLW Lino Blocks, A4 / 4.5mm / light beige
Code 34152
Ready for shipping
  £ 8.99

DLW Lino Blocks, A3 / 4.5mm / light beige
Code 34151
Ready for shipping
  £ 15.89

DLW Lino Blocks, A2 / 4.5mm / light beige
Code 34150
Ready for shipping
  £ 31.89

These high-quality DLW Lino Blocks give optimal results for relief printing. They are particularly easy to cut and gentle on your knife.

The DLW Lino Blocks are available in brown (3.2mm thick) or light beige (4.5mm thick). As with woodcut, a negative pattern is cut into the lino with lino cutting tools, then inked and printed onto paper but lino is much easier than wood for cutting delicate patterns.

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4.5mm Lino - I have used this product several times and the deeper thickness is really good for those who do not like cut marks on the finished print. It gives you the ability to smooth down the 'cut out' parts so they dont pick up any ink. I know this is used by some pretty prolific print-makers, so if its good enough for them..!
Green lino - I haven't used the brown lino, but the green is pretty good. It's much much better than the thin grey stuff I've seen in shops!

If you find it splinters a bit when you cut then try warming it up a bit under a lamp or with a hair dryer. If it's still splintering then your gouges need sharpening!

I swear GreatArt has been slowly putting the prices up on this, but unfortunately lino doesn't store too well so I can't buy a ton and hoard it. Having said that, you can at least buy bigger sheets and cut it to size really easily - just use a stanley knife.

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