GERSTAECKER | Crackle Medium — for acrylic

This handy product helps you add an antique and weathered look to any project! Simply apply the medium between layers of some acrylic paint and wait for it to dry to see the crackle effects. More
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GERSTAECKER | Crackle Medium — for acrylic, 250ml
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GERSTAECKER | Crackle Medium — for acrylic, 1 litre
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This crackle medium from GERSTAECKER is a water-based medium used to artificially age your piece. If you like the antique look and the effect of cracks and tears, this is the product for you.

Adheres to almost all surfaces e.g. ceramics, glass, wood etc. It is made specifically for acrylic colours and be used with most standard acrylic paints.

How to use GERSTAECKER crackle medium:

  • apply a base colour and allow to dry.
  • once dried, apply the crackle medium evenly and in one direction.
  • after drying of the crackle layer, apply a high-contrast coloured paint on top. (work in short strokes at this step, try not to paint over the same area several times. Dilute the paint with water if needed)
  • the colour will crack while drying. TIP! — avoid using a metallic colour for the top coat as they do not usually crack.

An application test is recommended before covering your entire piece or/area. Not for use with oils.

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