PanPastel Artists' Pastel Pans

PanPastel Artists' Pastels are high quality, ultra soft genuine artist's pastels. They are the world's softest pastels with a creamy, paste-like consistency. More
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Titanium White 105
Titanium White
Hansa Yellow Extra Dark 221
Hansa Yellow Extra Dark
Hansa Yellow Shade 223
Hansa Yellow Shade
Hansa Yellow 225
Hansa Yellow
Hansa Yellow Tint 228
Hansa Yellow Tint
Dyarilide Yellow Extra Dark 251
Dyarilide Yellow Extra Dark
Diarylide Yellow Shade 253
Diarylide Yellow Shade
Dyarilide Yellow 255
Dyarilide Yellow
Dyarilide Yellow Tint 258
Dyarilide Yellow Tint
Yellow Ochre Extra Dark 271
Yellow Ochre Extra Dark
Yellow Ochre Shade 273
Yellow Ochre Shade
Yellow Ochre 275
Yellow Ochre
Yellow Ochre Tint 278
Yellow Ochre Tint
Orange Extra Dark 281
Orange Extra Dark
Orange Shade 283
Orange Shade
Orange 285
Orange Tint 288
Orange Tint
Permanent Red Extra Dark 341
Permanent Red Extra Dark
Permanent Red Shade 343
Permanent Red Shade
Permanent Red 345
Permanent Red
Permanent Red Tint 348
Permanent Red Tint
Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark 381
Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark
Red Iron Oxide Shade 383
Red Iron Oxide Shade
Red Iron Oxide 385
Red Iron Oxide
Red Iron Oxide Tint 388
Red Iron Oxide Tint
Magenta Extra Dark 431
Magenta Extra Dark
Magenta Shade 433
Magenta Shade
Magenta 435
Magenta Tint 438
Magenta Tint
Violet Extra Dark 471
Violet Extra Dark
Violet Shade 473
Violet Shade
Violet 475
Violet Tint 478
Violet Tint
Ultramarine Blue Extra Dark 521
Ultramarine Blue Extra Dark
Ultramarine Blue Shade 523
Ultramarine Blue Shade
Ultramarine Blue 525
Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Blue Tint 528
Ultramarine Blue Tint
Phthalo Blue Extra Dark 561
Phthalo Blue Extra Dark
Phthalo Blue Shade 563
Phthalo Blue Shade
Phthalo Blue 565
Phthalo Blue
Phthalo Blue Tint 568
Phthalo Blue Tint
Turquoise Extra Dark 581
Turquoise Extra Dark
Turquoise Shade 583
Turquoise Shade
Turquoise 585
Turquoise Tint 588
Turquoise Tint
Phthalo Green Extra Dark 621
Phthalo Green Extra Dark
Phthalo Green Shade 623
Phthalo Green Shade
Phthalo Green 625
Phthalo Green
Phthalo Green Tint 628
Phthalo Green Tint
Permanent Green Extra Dark 641
Permanent Green Extra Dark
Permanent Green Shade 643
Permanent Green Shade
Permanent Green 645
Permanent Green
Permanent Green Tint 648
Permanent Green Tint
Chrome Oxide Green Extra Dark 661
Chrome Oxide Green Extra Dark
Chrome Oxide Green Shade 663
Chrome Oxide Green Shade
Chrome Oxide Green 665
Chrome Oxide Green
Chrome Oxide Green 2 668
Chrome Oxide Green 2
Bright Yellow Green Extra Dark 681
Bright Yellow Green Extra Dark
Bright Yellow Green Shade 683
Bright Yellow Green Shade
Bright Yellow Green 685
Bright Yellow Green
Bright Yellow Green Tint 688
Bright Yellow Green Tint
Burnt Sienna Extra Dark 741
Burnt Sienna Extra Dark
Burnt Sienna Shade 743
Burnt Sienna Shade
Burnt Sienna 745
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Sienna Tint 748
Burnt Sienna Tint
Raw Umber Extra Dark 781
Raw Umber Extra Dark
Raw Umber Shade 783
Raw Umber Shade
Raw Umber 785
Raw Umber
Raw Umber Tint 788
Raw Umber Tint
Black 805
Neutral Grey Extra Dark 821
Neutral Grey Extra Dark
Neutral Grey Extra Dark 2 822
Neutral Grey Extra Dark 2
Neutral Grey Shade 823
Neutral Grey Shade
Neutral Grey 825
Neutral Grey
Neutral Grey Tint 1 827
Neutral Grey Tint 1
Neutral Grey Tint 2 828
Neutral Grey Tint 2
Paynes Grey 841
Paynes Grey
Paynes Grey 2 843
Paynes Grey 2
Paynes Grey Tint 1 847
Paynes Grey Tint 1
Paynes Grey Tint 2 848
Paynes Grey Tint 2
Metallic Pewter 921
Metallic Pewter
Metallic Silver 925
Metallic Silver
Metallic, Light Gold 915
Metallic, Light Gold
Metallic, Rich Gold 911
Metallic, Rich Gold
Metallic Bronze 935
Metallic Bronze
Metallic Copper 931
Metallic Copper
Pearlescent Yellow 951
Pearlescent Yellow
Pearlescent Orange 952
Pearlescent Orange
Pearlescent Red 953
Pearlescent Red
Pearlescent Violet 954
Pearlescent Violet
Pearlescent Blue 955
Pearlescent Blue
Pearlescent Green 956
Pearlescent Green
Key to symbols
good lightfastness
good lightfastness
very good lightfastness
very good lightfastness
excellent lightfastness
excellent lightfastness

PanPastel Artists' Pastels are high quality, ultra soft genuine artist's pastels. They are the world's softest pastels with a creamy, paste-like consistency.

These PanPastel Artists' Pastels are supplied in 9ml transparent pans. They are simple to process from the pan with either fingers or the specialised tools developed for the purpose. They are made from only top quality pigments. PanPastel Artists' Pastels offer excellent lightfastness and can be completely removed if desired. They can be blended and mixed, and combined with all conventional pastel products.

Each PanPastel Artists' Pastel pan contains approx 40% more colour than an average pastel pencil, and as there is little or no crumbling or powdering there is also no wastage, making these pastels excellent value for money.

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