pébéo | Setacolor CUIR LEATHER Leather Paint Starter Box — 5 colours + accessories

This starter set contains 5 x 20 ml bottles of leather paint + accessories. The paints are ideal for both leather and imitation leather, and are incredibly durable. More
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The pébéo Setacolor CUIR LEATHER Leather Paint Starter Box contains 5 x 20ml colours plus accessories. These colours have been specially developed for personalising and repairing leather and imitation leather.

The durability of this leather paint has been tested by folding tests, in which a painted piece of leather was folded 100,000 times. And by a wet-scrub resistance test of 200 cycles, in accordance with ISO 11998. These tests show that pébéo's Setacolor LEATHER leather paint is up to 3 times more durable than conventional leather paints.

This pébéo Setacolor CUIR LEATHER Leather Paint Starter Box contains:

  • 1 x 45 ml Setacolor LEATHER degreaser
  • 1 x 20 ml 601 Pure white
  • 1 x 20 ml 602 Vivid yellow
  • 1 x 20 ml 605 Intense red
  • 1 x 20 ml 611 Ocean blue
  • 1 x 20 ml 623 Extreme black
  • 1 x brush

Product specifications of pébéo's Setacolor CUIR LEATHER Leather Paint:

  • acrylic-based leather paint
  • diluent: water
  • especially for leather and imitation leather
  • tested in accordance with ISO 11998

TIP: All colours can be mixed with each other, so you can use the basic colours of this set to mix colours yourself that no one else has!

N.B.It is always advisable to test your specific application on a sample first!

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