pébéo | Setacolor CUIR LEATHER Masking Fluid — 110 ml bottle

This masking fluid is ideal for use not only on natural leather and imitation leather, but also on already painted areas, to retain the original colour. It is perfect for use with the LEATHER acrylic-based paints by pébéo. More
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Use pébéo's Setacolor CUIR LEATHER Masking Fluid to save details, lines and areas when painting and colouring leather and imitation leather. You can also use it for drawing and writing, saving drawings and texts.

Apply the masking fluid in a thick layer. The drying time is about 30 minutes. You can speed up drying with a hair dryer. The blue colour makes it easy to see exactly where you have applied masking fluid. As soon as the masking fluid is dry, you can paint over it. To get sharp lines when removing the masking fluid, it is advisable not to apply the paint too thickly. Once the paint is dry, you can simply peel or rub off the dried masking fluid with your fingers within a maximum of 15 days.

TIP! You can use this masking fluid not only on a natural surface, but also on already coloured leather or imitation leather, to which you apply another colour. The masked out surface will then keep its original colour.

NB: it is always advisable to test your specific application on a sample first!

Product specifications of this pébéo Setacolor CUIR LEATHER Masking Fluid:

  • suitable for leather and imitation leather
  • clean brushes with soap and water
  • 110 ml bottles

TIP! This masking fluid can be perfectly combined with the Setacolor LEATHER acrylic-based leather paint by pébéo - item code 66340. This leather paint has been specially developed for personalising and repairing leather and imitation leather. You can choose from standard colours and effect colours. Extensive tests show that this paint is up to 3 times more durable than conventional leather paints.

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