SAKURA | Pigma MICRON™ Fineliners — 0.6 mm

These grey-toned pens contain unique pigmented ink which is fast-drying, waterproof, smudge-proof, lightfast and acid-free. Thanks to their fine tips, the pens are ideal for drawing, illustrating, manga etc. More
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SAKURA Pigma MICRON™ Fineliners contain unique pigmented ink. This ink is quick-drying, waterproof and smudge-proof, lightfast and acid-free, and does not bleed through the paper.

Thanks to their fine 0.6 mm tips, these pens are ideal for drawing and illustrating, in both technical and artistic fields. In addition, they are the recommended pens for zentangle drawing.

These fibre pens are also excellent for use on chalk and tracing paper, and are the optimal pen for drawing precise lines. SAKURA Pigma MICRON™ Fineliners are recommended by designers, scientists, archivists, manga artists, comic artists, illustrators and hobbyists.

SAKURA Pigma MICRON™ Fineliners at a glance:

  • line width: 0.6 mm
  • can be used on almost any surface
  • tip in metal casing
  • document proof
  • colourfast
  • lightfast
  • permanent
  • available in grey tones

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