Schmincke | Casein binder — borax emulsified

Schmincke | Casein binder — borax emulsified

Schmincke casein binder, to be added in the grinding stage when making pigments, in order to increase the consistency of acrylic colours, as well as their adherence to smooth surfaces such as glass. More
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Schmincke | Casein binder — borax emulsified, 500ml

Casein is the main protein found in milk. By adding another substance - ammonia, borax or slaked lime - you get one of the oldest and most stable binders. You call this process unlocking. Think of it as a kind of two-component glue.

This ready-to-use variant from Schmincke is emulsified with borax. Dilute it with water and mix your pigments with it - that's it! You can also use it as an ingredient of a tempera paint. Experiment with it. No other binder does pigments such justice, with all their characteristics and differences.

The product specifications of the Casein binder from Schmincke:

  • borax emulsified
  • dilutable with water
  • remains good for a long time
  • can be used on non-flexible substrates
  • less suitable for flexible substrates
  • dries up wiping resistant, but remains water-soluble

Basic use information:

  • for a standard casein tempera binder — please mix 10 parts of casein binding medium with 1 part stand linseed oil (per volume).
  • for an oil-rich casein tempera — the amount of casein binding medium to stand linseed oil can be raised up to 10 : 3 (per volume).
  • for a small-oil-volume casein tempera — please add 1 part of a resin-solution to 10 parts of the standard casein tempera binder (per volume).

TIP! — You can also add it to acrylic colours to improve adhesion on smooth grounds

Price per bottle ( 500 ml).

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