Screen Fabric DEGREASER — 500 ml bottle

This ready-to-use degreaser is for preparing the screen fabric before coating screenprinting frames with emulsion. TIP! Do not allow the degreaser to dry on the fabric! More
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Screen Fabric DEGREASER — 500 ml bottle, 500 ml

This Screen Fabric DEGREASER is ready-to-use and is for preparing the screen fabric. TIP! The degreaser should not be allowed to dry on the fabric.

If new or already decoated screenprinting frames are to be coated with emulsion, it is necessary to degrease the screen fabric thoroughly beforehand. If you dont do this, residues on the screen can act as a separator between the mesh and the emulsion, with the result that the emulsion may not adhere to the entire surface of the screen.

To use the Screen Fabric DEGREASER:

  • apply generously on both sides.
  • massage in the degreaser with a sponge.
  • application time is about 2-3 minutes.
  • afterwards, rinse the fabric with clear, lukewarm water.
  • dry the frame in an environment that is as dust-free as possible

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