Talens | Liquid Masking Film 052 — 75 ml

Talens | Liquid Masking Film 052 — 75 ml

This liquid film is used for protecting areas you do not wish to paint. It is latex-based and is easily removable with a finger or eraser. More
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Talens Liquid Masking Film 052 is the ideal aid for protecting surfaces that are to remain white - simply cover the desired white surfaces in advance with the fluid.

It is a latex-based product (natural rubber). Once dry, the masking fluid can simply be painted over. When the artwork is finished and the colour has dried, the masking fluid can simply be rubbed off the paper with a fingertip or an eraser. The longer the masking fluid remains on the paper, the stronger it will adhere. You should therefore remove the masking fluid within a few days.

Key features of Talens Liquid Masking Film 052 at a glance:

  • prevents the spread of colour by masking
  • dries within 10 minutes
  • after the finished watercolour painting has dried, remove with a fingertip or eraser within a few days - becomes increasingly difficult to remove over time
  • also suitable for water-based ink
  • 75 ml bottles

TIP! Brushes used for applying masking fluid are difficult to clean. It is therefore preferable to use old brushes or other materials such as a match, a cotton bud or the tip of a brush handle.

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