ARTIDEE® | CREARTEC Lightweight Concrete — tub

This extra-light concrete is perfect for creating impressively large concrete bowls and decorations with ease. It is ideal for latex moulds. More
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ARTIDEE CREARTEC Lightweight Concrete is perfect for making very large casting objects or when using latex moulds. Create impressively large concrete bowls and decorations with ease using this special material.

Product properties of this ARTIDEE CREARTEC Lightweight Concrete at a glance:

  • extra light
  • ideal for latex moulds
  • weather resistant
  • 25% lighter than conventional concrete
  • available in different container sizes

ARTIDEE CREARTEC Lightweight Concrete consists of pozzolans and microporous volcanic rocks. With comparable properties to conventional poured concrete, the specific weight has been reduced by approx. 25%. Based on the volume of the casting compound, the product is also comparable to conventional concrete casting compounds.

Tip! Take suitable safety precautions when using this product as it can cause serious eye damage, skin irritaion or respiratory irritation.

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