COPIC® | sketch marker set D — 72 markers

COPIC® | sketch marker set D — 72 markers

These markers are double-ended, with both brush and medium broad tips. They are presented in a practical acrylic display case which protects the markers and makes them easy to locate. More
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The markers in this Copic Sketch Marker 72 Pen Set D are double-ended, with a brush tip and a medium broad tip. The set is supplied in a practical transparent acrylic display case.

Key features of Copic Sketch Markers:

  • available as a single marker and in many set variants
  • refillable with Copic Ink
  • both tips are interchangeable
  • perfectly ergonomic body
  • alcohol-based ink, toxicologically harmless and virtually odourless
  • dries quickly and does not smudge
  • cost-saving marker variant from Copic

All colours are marked with a systematic colour code for easy identification. This can be found on the coloured caps and marked on the body of the Copic Sketch Marker so that it is resistant to abrasion. Copic is the cheapest brand among professional and high quality layout markers.

TIP! Turn your Copic Sketch Markers into an amazing airbrush system and experience a new dimension in layout. Simply insert the sketch marker into the special spray attachment, connect it to the compressed air can or compressor and you're ready to go. Airbrush in its simplest form.

This Copic Sketch Marker 72 Pen Set D contains the following colours:E08 Brown

  • E47 Dark Brown
  • E50 Eggshell
  • E71 Champagne
  • E74 Cocoa Brown
  • E79 Cashew
  • E93 Tea Rose
  • E95 Flesh Pink
  • E97 Deep Orange
  • E99 Baked Clay
  • FV2 Fluorescent Dull
  • FRV1 Fluorescent Pink
  • FYR1 Flourescent Orange
  • FY1 Fluorescent Yellow Orange
  • FYG1 Fluorescent Yellow
  • FYG2 Fluorescent Dull Violet
  • FBG2 Fluorescent Dull Blue Green
  • FB2 Fluorescent Dull Blue
  • BG01 Aqua Blue
  • BG07 Petroleum Blue
  • BG23 Coral Sea
  • BG93 Green Grey
  • BG96 Blush
  • B000 Pale Porcelain Blue
  • B28 Royal Blue
  • B52 Soft Greenish Blue
  • B60 Pale Blue Grey
  • B63 Light Hydrangea
  • B79 Iris
  • B91 Pale Greyish Blue
  • B93 Light Crockery Blue
  • B95 Light Greyish Cobalt
  • B97 Night Blue
  • B99 Agate
  • E000 Pale Fruit Pink
  • E01 Pink Flamingo
  • R22 Light Prawn
  • R30 Pale Yellowish Pink
  • R43 Bougainvillaea
  • R46 Strong Red
  • YR000 Silk
  • YR20 Yellowish Shade
  • YR31 Light Reddish Yellow
  • YR61 Yellowish Skin Pink
  • YR65 Atoll
  • YR68 Orange
  • Y04 Acacia
  • Y28 Lionet Gold
  • Y32 Cashmere
  • Y35 Maize
  • YG00 Mimosa Yellow
  • YG06 Yellowish Green
  • YG93 Greyish Yellow
  • G94 Greyish Olive
  • BV000 Thistle
  • BV02 Prune
  • BV11 Soft Violet
  • BV13 Hydrangea Blue
  • BV17 Deep Reddish Blue
  • BV20 Dull Lavender
  • BV25 Greyish Violet
  • BV29 Slate
  • V01 Heath
  • V05 Azalea
  • V91 Pale Grape
  • V95 Light Grape
  • V99 Aubergine
  • RV23 Pure Pink
  • RV42 Salmon Pink
  • R000 Cherry White
  • R12 Light Tea Rose
  • R14 Light Rouge

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