Liquitex® | BASICS™ acrylic paint — set of 48

This mega set of Liquitex® BASICS™ student quality line is made for everyday use and use by all kinds of artists. This medium consistency acrylic is made with lightfast pigments. More
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Liquitex® | BASICS™ acrylic paint — set of 48, 48 colours

This set contains 48 x 22ml tubes of this popular paint. These paints are thick and creamy with a satin finish. They conform to ASTM D4236 and are safe for educational use.

These student-quality paints are intermixable with other Liquitex acrylic paints and mediums.

Build a balanced palette with our versatile collection of 48 colors, ranging from primaries to earth tones.

The following colours are in included in this set:

  • alizarin crimson hue permanent ○ brilliant yellow green ○ burnt sienna ○ burnt umber ○ cadmium orange hue ○ dioxazine purple ○ ivory black ○ light green permanent ○ phthalocyanine green ○ primary blue ○ primary red ○ primary yellow ○ titanium white ○ cadmium red light hue ○ cadmium yellow medium hue ○ cerulean blue hue ○ cobalt blue hue ○ hooker's green hue permanent ○ phthalocyanine blue ○ quinacridone magenta ○ raw sienna ○ raw umber ○ red oxide ○ ultramarine blue ○ yellow oxide ○ bright aqua green ○ cadmium red deep hue ○ cadmium red medium hue ○ cadmium yellow deep hue ○ cadmium yellow light hue ○ permanent green deep ○ deep violet ○ gold ○ neutral gray 5 ○ silver ○ naphthol crimson ○ Mars black ○ light blue permanent ○ light portrait pink ○ bronze ○ light blue violet ○ Naples yellow hue ○ unbleached titanium ○ brilliant purple ○ bronze yellow ○ medium magenta ○ prism violet ○ copper

Other sets are available in this range, please see item codes: 29712 (12 colours), 29713 (24 colours) and 30817 (36 colours).

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