The Fabriano Jumbo Watercolour Studio Block contains 75 sheets of high quality watercolour paper made from 25% cotton and lignin-free cellulose. It is internally and externally sized, making it very absorbent.
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Everything you need to know about paper from A to Z...

This article offers a glossary of terms that you may see regularly in your GreatArt catalogue or online at www.greatart.co.uk, but do not necessarily understand how they define the product you are purchasing.

From A to Z, find out more about the most important information about papers: acidity, backing board, block, bristol, cellulose, coated, cold pressed, cotton (linters), cylinger mould...

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Jo York comparing the number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 papers from Gerstaecker.

Our popular range of papers covers techniques from drawing and sketching, to watercolour and markers. Jo York put the papers to the test for the latest GreatArt Materials Blog post and you can read some of her findings here.

Number 1 will be ideal for sketching, number 2 for drawing, number 3 for watercolour, number 4 is kraft paper ideal for sketching and number 5 is our mixed media range made of recycled paper... 

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Amylee comparing and testing Clairefontaine oil papers.

“Paper that is inspired by linen”

If I say “a surface for oil painting”, I guess that most of you will think “easel”, “stretched canvas” or “bulky material”? But that was before … Today, artists are completely released! 

In loose sheets or in blocks, the paper intended for oil painting is designed to cater to all desires. It is lighter, more economical, and more practical than stretched canvas, so it can be painted anywhere with less supporting materials. It attracts both students and professional artists! 

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