WINSOR & NEWTON™ | Liquin™ Impasto — oil medium

This product is a quick drying, semi-gloss medium which thickens slowly and extends the tube colour. Crisp textures and brush marks are retained without any visible levelling. Great for the impasto painter! More
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WINSOR & NEWTON™ | Liquin™ Impasto — oil medium, 60ml tube
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WINSOR & NEWTON™ | Liquin™ Impasto — oil medium, 200ml tube
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This quick-drying, semi-gloss medium is a paste like version of Liquin™. This product adds viscosity to your paint that retains marks from your brush or palette knife.

WINSOR & NEWTON™ Liquin™ Impasto allows the paint to dry faster and aids in working with multiple layers or alla prima! The paint will be touch dry in 1-6 days depending on the colour film thickness.

Resistant to yellowing, this medium produces a crisp textured finish. However it is not suitable as a varnish or final coat.

Liquin™ Impasto medium product properties at a glance:

  • Semi-gloss
  • Added viscosity
  • Texture retaining
  • Faster drying time
  • Resistant to yellowing

TIP! — Mix together your colour of choice and this medium with a palette knife prior to painting. You will have more control over the consistency of your paint and a palette knife will be easier to clean!

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